Bad Company 2 Box Reveals GameInformer Score

RespawnAction: "On the back of the Battlefield Bad Company 2 box, the score given to it by Gameinformer is shown, and you may be surprised at it."

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Echo3073206d ago

Hot dang is right! For me, the best kind of multiplayer shooter is a tactical multiplayer shooter. Probably why I thought MAG was better than most critics did. Regardless, MW2 is just too much cheap run n gun for me to handle anymore, so I look forward to playing this.

Here's to hoping it's as good as GI says.

respawnaction3206d ago

I feel the same way. MAG is just way more fun and appealing to me.

deadreckoning6663206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I told everyone this was gunna outshine M.A.G, and now we have some proof :) The beta was MAGNIFICENT. IMO Bad Company 2's only competition is Killzone 2 as far as tactical shooters are concerned. I'm very pleased that GI felt the same way about it as I did.

bjornbear3206d ago

is one of the few big reliable ones out there for me =3


can you believe 3 other mates and I are hyped for THE EFFING DEMO ON THE 4TH?

this game is a beast =D can't wait

pangitkqb3206d ago

Been playing the multi-player demo online and have loved every second of it.

-Alpha3206d ago

well, it was already obvious but MW2 has been long dethroned in its MP first by MAG and now by the King, BFBC2.

I have to say, I cannot wait. For this Thursday when the PSN demo comes and for the release.

Wanna know what's funny? On Twitter the BC2 multiplayer designer invited Bowling to play a game with him when the game releases.

respawnaction3206d ago

that's pretty funny. I too will flock to my ps3 to get the demo. After all of the desert play in the beta I can't wait to see how the snow level plays out.

evrfighter3206d ago

I personally don't care much for reviews but I do read the GI magazine every now and again. Probably the only video game magazine I read nowadays.

GI scores carry more weight to me than IGN or Gamespot.

HS833206d ago

The only thing I found out about the 360 demo I downloaded was, it is 6 week old code so they are still or have made more changes to the game since the demo went into certification. Demo is fun but very very very few unlocks you can get in it.

s8anicslayer3206d ago

I would expect 8's from IGN and Gamespot! Game Informer is a little generous then most.

GSpartan7773206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

@Alpha-Male22 MAG came no where near close to dethroning MW2 and even after BFBC2 is released, I doubt it will have more players than MW2. Heck I doubt it will have more players than MW1 which also happens to be IW games. In the end what matters is the amount of people playing the game which shows which one has more interest and also makes worth playing for a long time.

A lot of nerd raging fans on the internet claiming it will have more players playing it doesn't mean it will be true. If I was the multiplayer designer for BC2 I would also ask Bowling to play my game considering a monster amount of players are playing MW2.

-Alpha3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

The game is looking solid. I notice though, that the 360 version of the demo is suffering from lag. The PS3 beta was very smooth so I wonder how the PSN demo will turn out.

You know, it's really not that hard to top a game that had no beta, no MP testing, and no fair way to differentiate good players from bad.

Modern Warfare went from being my favorite game on my PS3 (#4) to my most despised (MW2). I still actually play the game (its fun with friends), but there is just so much I'm upset with.

The real thing that makes me so confident is the fact that the developers are being supportive which is something I can say for games like MAG and BC2 but not MW2.


Who said I was talking about # of players? Yeah, MW2 has over 500,000 on the PSN, but I was talking quality of the MP. I don't particularly find MAG too interesting (though I sure as hell want to try it based on what I do hear), but the quality of the MP sounds better than MW2 considering the fact that Zipper actually supports it game. True, I haven't played MAG but I strongly doubt it bombed like MW2 did considering they had extensive beta testing. Tell me when MAG has incredibly frustrating hacks, exploits, and lag issues.

Sorry but sales do not equal quality of a game. By that logic Okami is not as good compared to Wii Fit. Sales =/= quality.

I am not denying that MW2 is fun. I have fun with it but it comes at the expense of many shortcomings. Compared to CoD4 it failed me. I just feel like they ditched the mechanics that made it so fun and tried to do incorporate some level of "action" and chaos into their MP in the way of killstreaks.

The thing with something like MW2 is that it rode off the success of CoD4 which was a much better game. Today MW2 has no excuse for some of the ridiculous things it has like P2P lag, poor networking issues, etc. Maybe you enjoy the core gameplay, and in some level I do too, but I there are many things that just deteriorate the gameplay.

ScoobyDrew3206d ago

i can't wait for this game!!!! its gonna be sooooo sick

PS3Freak3206d ago

A 9.5 out of 10 for a Battlefield game? That is not the least bit surprising. Battlefield has been delivering one of the best multiplayer experience for decades.

randomwiz3206d ago

"Modern Warfare went from being my favorite game on my PS3 (#4) to my most despised (MW2). I still actually play the game (its fun with friends), but there is just so much I'm upset with. "

I feel the exact same way as you do. COD4 was fun. I'll play mw2 cause its what all my friends are playing.

In my opinion, the things that are wrong with mw2 are the following:
-noob tubers/care package glitchers
-badly designed maps
-minor lag, dying after taking cover, lag+autoaim = fail
-extra killstreaks and emblems and callsigns are the good part.
-if iw was smart, they would bring back cod4 maps as dlc.

-Alpha3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

You notice it too? I can SWEAR I duck when getting shot yet I die. Also happens when I run behind walls. The hit detection/lag is so messed up on this game.

Here are my problems:

-Infinite noob tubes (if you use Scavenger or One Man Army perk. Unlike in #4 there is no consequence for using this attachment. In #4 they took away your first perk.)
-Poor maps (Loved every map in #4. Way too many nooks and crannies where people hide in MW2._
-Ridiculous and unacceptable lag
-I don't mind KS because you can take 'em down easily, but they are way too relied upon
-Runner classes are ridiculous to overcome: most popular class is Marathon + Lightweight + Commando
-Knifing is way too easy: you can auto lock and lunge half way across a room AND you are invincible when lunging, shoot at knifers all you want but as soon as they click that R3 button your screwed!
-Stopping Power is too powerful. It went from x1.2 to x1.4
-No juggernaut-- I actually don't mind, but why take out Juggie but not SP? That's like the most common-sense balancing issue right there
-S&D no longer based on tactical gameplay because of Heart Beat sensors and killstreaks that carry over. An AC-130 in a S&D makes no sense.

I can go on but those are a few of my problems.

Also, people have found the map DLC already on the discs, and some CoD4 maps were on them. I can find you the link if you want.

Aggesan3206d ago

Loved BF2, loved BF2142, loved BFBC, didn't like BF Heroes very much, BF1943 was nice but too stripped down, and I LOVED the BFBC2-beta. Now give me the full game already!

Saaking3206d ago

Wow, great score. This, GOWIII and maybe FFXIII make March one of the best months of the year.

pixelsword3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Weren't they the ones that said the 360 had a 54.2% failure rate?

So, should I throw out the score or accept their findings?

I kid; just giving everyone a hard time ;)

RememberThe3573206d ago

No they didn't say that. They weren't claiming the 360 had a 54% failure rate but that 54% of the people they surveyed said that they got the RROD.

pixelsword3206d ago

1. I was just kidding.

2. the fact that they posted it shows that they have confidence in their survey.

But I see what you are saying. No worries.

vhero3206d ago

BC2 is better than MW2

Mista T3205d ago

it also says bonus downloadable content, if this is the limited edition, then that means people who get it get it before everyone else

Ghostsmoker3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

But after playing a couple of hours it feels like one the best FPS I've ever played so far. Well, the weapons can look a little bit strange but overall it looks and plays awesome. The whole experience is much deeper than MW2. Limited pre-orderd yesterday.

butterfinger3205d ago

Game Informer posting the results of their survey has nothing to do with how accurate they believe that they are. I guarantee you every single GI employee would disagree with that figure. They simply posted the results, because they gave people a survey. I guess that is hard for people like you to comprehend, though.

pixelsword3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

"Game Informer posting the results of their survey has nothing to do with how accurate they believe that they are. I guarantee you every single GI employee would disagree with that figure."

So, you're saying that GI will post something they don't believe is true; so, why should I think that Bad Company 2's score is an accurate rating? Why would I believe a single word of that review if all they did was "merely wrote what someone told them to say"?

It's not like it didn't happen before; look at Kane and Lynch. It's not like it's happening right now. So tell me, why should I regard this score since you yourself said that they will post something that they don't believe is true?

A journal with integrity would've threw out the results if they thought it was of poor quality. It happened at Metacritic when fanboys were crapping all over the reviews of their rival console games. So why didn't GI throw out the poll results, and why should this score be believable seeing that they, by your own "reasoning", post things that they don't believe?

Riddle me that?

Don't try to use logic, it doesn't suit you well at all.

frostypants3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

This game looks fun, but why only 24 players for a full priced retail game? Please don't tell me it's going to be another lame P2P/non-server game...

The Happy Baby3205d ago

Very excited for Bad Company 2.
The helicopter is alot harder to fly in this game(according to the demo anyways).

Maddens Raiders3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

...stupid and biased review sites aside, I agree with this statement because it's what I thought all along while ripping through the beta.

/nothing but death will stop me from getting this [email protected] midnight.

superrey193205d ago

After playing the beta on PC, i can vouch for that score. All they need to do is tweak a few minor problems and it'll be perfect.

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LordMarius3206d ago

Awesome 9.5
I might get this after God of War 3

deadreckoning6663206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

"well, it was already obvious but MW2 has been long dethroned in its MP first by MAG and now by the King, BFBC2."

Yep. Now all we have ta do is convince the mainstream of that. I don't care if Sony does it or M$ does it, but I hope this game gets proper advertising so it can get the publicity it DESERVES.

@Slayer- If Arkham Asylum and Bayonetta can get 9+ on IGN and GS, then Bad Company 2 getting a 9+ score should be no problem.

HS833206d ago

And I say this game rocks! Seeing it get this score is awesome! I still wish we got more unlocks in the 360 demo but oh well. Game is super addictive! I envy PS3 beta testers in the early phase who got the desert map, with all those scope and cool unlocks! Thats right PS3 guys and girls, Im staring you down evil style! j/k

respawnaction3206d ago

well the desert map was pretty cool, and so were the unlocks. I do feel though, that the unlocks just take a tad too much to get. I prefer the original Bad Company, where you got to pick whatever you want at certain levels. But that is just me. Either way, I can't wait until march.

MajesticBeast3206d ago

I didnt like the beta so im not buying it.

DiffusionE3206d ago

Yeah well, your loss. Sucks to be you.

RockmanII73206d ago

I didn't like the demo and I'm not buying it, does it suck to be me?

evrfighter3206d ago

its alright baseball fan. Imma buy an extra copy in your honor for my extra pc.

Aaroncls73206d ago

Ooooh that's gotta hurt activision's fat basterd mr Kotick.

LeonSKennedy4Life3205d ago

I'm sure it would if COD:MW2 hadn't made him millions of dollars richer.

He doesn't care what the frick you guys think. He's richer than any of us ever will be. : )