BioShock 2 Developer Answers Your Questions

DualShockers is giving you, the fans, a chance to submit your questions and have them answered by the 2K Marin development team including Creative Director Jordan Thomas.

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AzarVC3206d ago

I'm frothing at the mouth so much for this game I can't even think of any questions.

taz80803206d ago

How will they define themselves with a multiplayer mode to stand out from other titles like MW?

Chadness3206d ago

Or why did they feel the need to bother adding a multi-player aspect to an already awesome single-player experience. I'm a big believer in not every game needing to have multi-player to be successful.

taz80803206d ago

What differences can be expected form the two consoles?

macalatus3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Dear 2K Marin,

The Sony gamers, also known as the classy, mature, and intelligent gamers, want to know how much of the game was gimped in order to be played on the 360. We also want to know if the quality of the game was greatly lowered down in order to attract more mediocrity minded 360 gamers.

We Sony gamers love our games to be of the highest quality, and a game made to appeal to the gaming 360 dolts is of a great concern to us.

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!