Images of Sega Rally Revo

Sega has released new images of Sega Rally, from both the PS3 and X360 versions. The game uses a new technique, making it possible for the wheels to create patterns in the ground - which makes it harder for the cars behind to pick the right track to go in.

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PSTripleOG4190d ago

This good be the first game to use the true power of the PS3, Its being built on ps3 i think. Anyway the pics look great..

Diselage4190d ago

Looks better than any SEGA game could i thought.

God of Gaming4190d ago

But it will look the same on the PC and 360.... only games that are exclusive to a certain platform (normally first party games) will show off what a certain platform can do over another.

But yes.. these look fantastic. DiRT is amazing but one thing that is missing is the tracks left behind, looks like Sega has that part down.

CrazzyMan4190d ago

and that is strange after so much comments how important EDRAM buffer is for free FSAA. =))

DirtyRat4190d ago

It looks cracking, really nicely done

Blood_Spiller4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

The screens look good but I remember seeing a gameplay video a couple weeks back and it looked awful so I'm still skeptical. Camera angles can do wonders for making a game look better than it actually is!