Game Informer: White Knight Chronicles Review

White Knight Chronicles is a game caught between genres. It frames many classic Japanese RPG tropes – the unexpectedly powerful boy hero, the kidnapped princess, the shadowy and insidious magical organization – in an equally familiar single-player gameplay structure. At the same time, the game offers a deep multiplayer component, delivering MMO-style combat and quests for players to tackle with up to three friends. The gameplay that emerges isn't very compelling, but there is a large world, a deep skill system, and a whole lot of combat for anyone with the patience to make it through.

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Count me in then. I am waiting for an RPG that urges my clasical oldies feel. I been playing Eternal Sonata on my 360 and the only JRPG that looks and plays like an oldie on any platform is Lost Odyssey. That game is underrated IMO. I dont like modern RPGs like Mass Effect, even if it comes to the PS3 eventualy. i have enjoyed both Demons Souls and Valkyria Cronicles but I want an oldies fix to my Dragon Quest if possible. Looking at how bad FF13 is being previewed I think that the best game for me seems to be White Knigth Cronicles. The media complains if its new or if its classical. I just play them both and decide myself.


Rush3206d ago

Yeah am a little more happy with this score then gamespots. If a few 8's are threw in from the bigger websites count me in.

Although I can't get it until the 26th of this month I think. Since Europe doesn't see it until then sadly...

I have been looking forward to this game for way over a year now, they have patched it alot and improved many aspects. So I was hoping for 8's across the board.

I would love to just buy the game and review it myself but am on a tight budget. So sadly I need to know am going to enjoy it before I make the purchase.

firelogic3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Yeah ok. 7.25 is acceptable but 6 isn't? Get real. Forget the score. All you really need to know is this part:
"However, for interesting combat, deep characters, and an engaging fantasy, I’d look elsewhere."

Rush3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

O am sorry I didn't know that this reviewers opinion = fact

Guess I will have to look elsewhere for my next enjoyable JRPG fix.


hazardman3205d ago

Would you say Lost Odyssey is the best JRPG you've played this gen?? Before you guys disagree, I am only asking a ? Damn!!!

Homicide3205d ago

@firelogic, I'm amazed they gave it a 7.25 after saying that.

Elven63205d ago

Why are people surprised, when it originally released in Japan it didn't do to great either on the reviews side of things IIRC, I guess most of those issues just couldn't be fixed.

blu_yu_away3205d ago

Lost Odyssey is certainly the best jrpg I've played this gen. As a whole the genre has been severely lacking and LO was the only one I've played which has kept my interest throughout. It is a very underrated game IMO.

Immortal Kaim3205d ago

Add me to the list. Lost Odyssey is my favourite JRPG this gen as well. Frankly the 1000 years of dreams is one of the most beautiful, impeccably written and profound aspects of any game I have ever played. Severely underrated in my opinion.

lephunk3205d ago

Valkyria Chronicles count?

tinybigman3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles is my favorite RPG this gen followed by Fire Emblem and Mass Effect(this being the best wrpg) the rest are crap. i've always loved Level 5 rpgs and i already have this game paid for and will enjoy this just like their other ones.

its really sad that people cant make up their own minds on what games they want to buy and play; they have to wait for someone else's opinion on whether to buy a game or not. i know i work hard for my money and i'll buy whatever games interests me without regret.

anyone interested in playing this online send invite


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Alan Wake3206d ago

another FLOP from sony hahahahahahahhahahaaha

PS3 Flop year will be Contenue

waiting for next Flop of the year

Vagrant_13206d ago

Couldn't have said it better **bubbles**

HOSe3206d ago

how can you write a 5 paragraph review for a game that probably takes 500-1,000 hours to completely finish? i feel like this reviewer just watched videos of this game and formed this review that reveals absolutely nothing /end rant

-Alpha3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

You don't need to play 500 hours to understand the game, nor do you have to play it completely, especially if you are talking about an RPG. Sorry man, I'm just as disappointed as you are. The review may be short but that doesn't mean the guy didn't play it.

Homicide3206d ago

It is for a magazine, and the game doesn't take 500 hours to complete.

Towers763206d ago

I find it odd that a full review for a game featuring a significant online component would appear prior to the game's network even going live.

LordMarius3206d ago

.....everything is a conspiracy
this is Game Informer not an unknown site

ps360owner093206d ago

The manin focus especially in a jrpg is suppose to be the story. The story is suppose to be the main thing that hooks you enough for you to want to play it for 40-80 hours to see how everything unfolds. People who care about online should play a mmorpg or one of the hundreds of shooters. Online shouldn't factor in to the score of any jrpg in my opinion.

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