Dante's Inferno - Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature review:

"Go to Hell - Literally; that is the tagline for this feature review, just keep that in mind as you travel with me through one of the most mature-themed video games coming to market. The first movement of the epic poem The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri relates the story of Dante himself descending into Hell for a guided tour. And though his work is regarded as one of the most important literary masterpieces of all time, it is one twisted piece of work. In his descriptions he holds nothing back, describing in putrid, horrific, visceral detail every sight, sound, and smell he encounters there. The very idea lends itself to such interesting -- if nightmarish -- mental images; it's hard to believe it's taken this long for the video games industry to make a game out of it. This group of developers/producers is really passionate about the industry and it shows so much in the final gaming product."

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UltimaEnder3180d ago

Loved the game, would recommend it to all Xbox 360 owners looking for their God of War fix - at least until you break down and buy a PS3 for GoW - good outing by Visceral Games....

darthv723180d ago

Purgatory and Paradise should make for interesting follow-ups.

This looks to be a nice alternative to GoW. The thought of Kratos retiring brings a tear to my eye. Thankfully there is Dante to keep the spirit alive.

gunnerforlife3180d ago

sure is, but it still dosent stop it from being enjoyable and a good fix for the main thing now does it.

deadreckoning6663180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

"GOW wanna be..."

By your logic every platformer is a Mario wannabe. Whats ur point??
If I recall, God of War ripped off a little game called The Mark of Kri.

darthv723180d ago

GOW wanna be...

nothing wrong with that. If it aint broke...why fix it.

Cajun Chicken3180d ago

12-15 hours. Nice. I got carried away from the demo. I'll have to find the time and money to rent this one.

UltimaEnder3180d ago

YA the play time was pretty impressive for a game of this genre - there were even a couple times where I ran through areas or skipped certain text sequences; could have got a bit more if I really took my time for entertainment purposes.....

PepperJack3180d ago

awesome review man, keep em coming

LaurenKB1233180d ago

I watched the review team play a bit of this and it looked really good - graphics are top-notch....another good game by Visceral!