Eurogamer Review: Overlord

It's easy to forgive. Overlord may remind the more experienced gamer of a mass of things, but it's only so identifiable as they're conventions which relatively few games have used successfully. And when a few quick clicks send a spindly-limbed wave heading over to cause havoc, it's its own thing. Follow the link for the full review.

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gaffyh4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

I really want to play this game but something really weird keeps happening when I try and download the demo. I tried directly downloading from a game site and it stopped at 99.7% saying there was a CRC error, then I tried downloading form Gamespot and got the same Error. Then I tried to get it form my Newsgroups and it froze when trying to repair the files (with the PAR2 files). So I just gave up :(. Anyone know why this would happen?

Oh yeah I was trying to get the PC version on XP.

tplarkin74190d ago

They gave it a decent score. This looks like a good game. They didn't talk much about developing your own throne. I hope it's deep.

Nicosia4190d ago

The Dutch have come a long way since Davilex (Dutch people just laugh now). it looks good and a 8, looks like solid!

MK_Red4190d ago

I still believe that the T rating hurt Overlord the most. I mean its a game about being Evil and yet it gets a T. Something is wrong. Hope they release a M rated sequel.

FCOLitsjustagame4190d ago

Its not a game about being evil. Its a game about being EEEEEeeevvvviiiiillllll.

Kinda like Dr Evil in Austin Powers. It should be rated T. If you want evil, play The Darkness or Manhunt, apparently thats really evil.

DirtyRat4190d ago

I really enoyed the demo, the british humour is spot on, and its really funny bossing yout little minions around! I like the fact its a Teen rating and they haven't gone for the overly gorey route other games do, there is no need for an M rating in this game, and it means if my kids walk in I dont have to switch it off suddenly (like i Di with GoW all the time!).
I am tempted to buy this but Alan wake is just around the corner...