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DualShockers writes: "Tomorrow, DualShockers will be embarking on a magical journey into the heart of Manhattan. We're headed to a private media-only Sega event, where we'll get the chance to check out most of their upcoming titles. Now even though the event is press only that doesn't mean your presence cannot be felt. We're going to have Sega answer YOUR reader questions that you send in (the comments section below this post), and we'll put them into next week's ShockCast. So if there's something you wanted to know about any of the titles listed below (and it's quite a list) then now is your time to ask. Peep the list below and ask away!"

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Chadness3181d ago

Sega! Sounds fun, wish I could go.

Noctis Aftermath3181d ago

I got first comment, hopefully they ask my question.

JoelT3181d ago

Dude I guarantee I'll get your question answered.

Minimox163181d ago

Hope they got a positive answer to my question :D.

darthv723181d ago

I totally agree with your question over there. I have shenmue 2 for DC and it is JP language with english subs. It totally fits the feeling of the game and while I may be reading what they are saying, it doesnt detract from the gameplay at all.

For me...I'd like to see remakes of some of their arcade wonders like Galaxy Force and Thunderblade. Sure Afterburner gets an update in the form of Climax (coming to psn/xbla...sweeeeet!) but why they have forgotten some of their others. Heck even space harrier had an update called planet harriers (rumored to have been in dev for the dc before it bit the big one).

There is lots of old school fun to be had in retro games if given just a bit of polish and released on psn/xbla.

Sorry...I guess I should post "my" questions on dualshockers.

SaiyanFury3181d ago


I'm with you. SEGA should do what so many companies are doing on the PS3, releasing International versions that have English menus with Japanese language and English subtitles. I'm still hoping Yakuza Kenzan! will make it over here. Those games work very well, like with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Star Ocean 4.

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jharv3181d ago

I have a question

Why do you guys still feel the need to kill the Sonic franchise?

P.S. Please bring Valkyria Chronicles 2 to the PS3.

hazardman3181d ago

Yo is the 1st game good..I saw it at my local gamestop for $19.99 should I pick it up?? has some amazing cell shade graphics from what I could see on back of cover...

R3DD3181d ago

When's the Dreamcast 2 coming? Don't lie Sega we all know the

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