Ace Combat 6, Eternal Sonata dated for Europe

Namco Bandai's pair of 360 titles, Ace Combat 6: Fire of Liberation and gorgeous RPG Eternal Sonata, are officially heading to Europe, under the distribution arm of Atari.

"The further expansion of our line up with Namco Bandai Games is the fruit of the excellent quality of their games and the performance of our European distribution network," said Atari Europe president Jean-Michel Perbet. "These two titles are superb additions to our growing product portfolio as Atari pushes ahead with renewed confidence."

Both games are dated for the autumn.

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Lex Luthor4137d ago

Sweet! definately will be picking these up especially now that AC6 is on Live.

Nicosia4137d ago

WHOA!! Eternal Sonata... man its like a dream come true. Ahh... glorious day.