GamesRadar: 3D Dot Game Heroes – Hands-on

GamesRdar writes: "Something happened as soon as we were handed the controller. Without a moment's hesitation or guidance, we slashed at the nearest patch of grass and picked up the money that popped out, fired our hookshot-esque device at a wooden post to cross over a gap, pushed blocks around to make our way to a cracked wall, and then exploded said wall with a bomb - but not before poking our sword against the wall to hear if the resulting clanking was different."

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TehCell3181d ago

When Dante's Inferno copies God of War, DI is a bad game.
When 3DGameDotHeroes copies Zelda, 3DGDH is a good game.

Gambit073181d ago

There is a big difference, 3DDGH is going for nostalgia by emulating the ORIGINAL Zelda, not any recent ones. DI is basically using the same gameplay from a much more recent game.

TehCell3181d ago

DI is emulating GOW gameplay.
3DGDH is using gameplay from old game.

See wut i did thar?

FamilyGuy3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

3D Dot Game Heroes is "Spoofing" games like Zelda, not JUST some throw-back nostalgia factor. It's tying to be like them in a funny way.

On YOUR topic:
Let me ask you this, did you or anyone you know complain about Shadow Complex being similar to side-scroller Castlevania titles? I remember that game getting praised for it.