Wii Freeloader to be released on June 30

"Wii fans hoping to play import games, you have a reason to rejoice: Italian online store You Too has Datel's Wii Freeloaders in stock, purportedly for a June 30 release date. Datel's Freeloader lets consoles ignore region locks, which essentially lets you play any game regardless of its region.

Wii being region-locked has always been a source of disappointment for many a Wii fan who prefers quirky games in his library - many Japanese games are known to be too strange to be published locally in North America."

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tonsoffun4137d ago

Sign me up!

I will defiately get one of these - Ninty has really dropped the ball on some of the euro releases, hell we are still waiting for the Wii version of Trauma centre in the UK!

Syko4137d ago

This thing only works in Gamecube mode meaning this is just a new box for an old toy. WILL NOT WORK WITH WII GAMES. but modchips work and with a lot of balls and patience you can play any region game you want. BTW WiiD is best for the PAL Wii's due to it's better compatability, But Wiikey is best for NTSC consoles.

tonsoffun4137d ago

Sorry, I don't understand, the article states that by using the freeloader it unlocks the region protection on it - surely that means that you can play imported Wii games?