Thunderbolt | Mass Effect 2 (360) Review

Some may argue that Mass Effect 2 is dumbing down on its RPG elements for the masses, but it makes it a far better game over the long haul. The combat can easily compete with the best in a crowded shooter market, and the powers and tactics available elevate it to the top. The un-wieldy RPG mechanics have been stripped down for a much more accessible experience, allowing you to forget about sitting in dull menus and concentrate on the action. The fabulous storytelling, innovative dialogue system and impact of your choices remains in full force, and that's all you really need to make a great RPG: the actual role-playing. The commitment from Bioware in making this franchise the best it can be is astounding. With the praise the original received it would be easy to release more of the same, but they listened to the community and extensively improved on all of Mass Effect's faults and even refined and bettered the elements that were so amazing to begin with. Mass Effect 3 can't come soon enough.

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