BioWare Ready For Challenge Of Mass Effect 3

CC: Mass Effect 2 has caught the eye of everyone recently. With an average Metacritic score of 96, making it the third best Xbox 360 title in history. But what's next for the series? Mass Effect 3 of course.

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mjolliffe3178d ago

Can you imagine it?

I mean seriously. Can you imagine it?

It's going to be eeeeeeeeeepic.

nogolis3178d ago

Part 2 just came out... Why didn't they just Make "Mass Effect: Massivly effective" and have part 2 and 3 in one game? I hate the developers who think they higher the number they put on something the better they think they'll be percived. Final Fantasy is up to what, 13 -- 15 if you count the X2's and online junk. They do that because people are idiots and think since it lasted so long it has to be good...

Well, Friday the 13th is still going strong... Doesn't make it good. Halloween, still truckin'... Doesn't make em' good. Harry Potter, anyone?

Please... end the number game and follow ups. Bring on the new.

Bnet3433178d ago

I don't understand what you're mad at, you wanted them to make a spin-off?

Pandamobile3178d ago

So, you'd rather have Bioware spend 6 years making Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3, and package them all as one than have them release in 2-3 year intervals?

IdleLeeSiuLung3178d ago

That is practically not financially possible. Each product they make must bring in some profit to fund the next project....

... and yes, the $20-70 they charge for each installment is worth it relative to other games sold.

It's as if you are complaining they are making sequels, in which case we would have significantly smaller titles to select from.

Gamer7l3178d ago

Mass Effect was planned as a trilogy from the beginning. It's a tad late to be whining now. :o

Tony P3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )


But I will say that is one of the crappiest complaints I've read in a while.

"Should have been on the disc" only works for DLC, not y'know, full sequels.

Nihilism3178d ago


Be gone fool, this is about a game that is not on your system, and that you have never played or seen. So for you to say that it doesn't warrant a sequel is insane. The Mass Effect story is one of the greatest Sci-Fi stories ever told, and it goes without saying that the gameplay is amazing, it is a Bioware game.

nogolis3178d ago

You poyina heads obviously missed the mark when it came to comprhension. I'll break it down nice and easy for you...

I find it personally absurd to be thinking about part 3 so soon after part 2 just came out. Sure you can start production on it, we all know you're going to milk and bleed it dry until it can't be leaked anymore but why not take some time off, evaluate what you did right and wrong and then release info about Mass Effect 3. We all know its coming... We know 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 are on the way too... This is just how Bioware works. They're a one trick pony.

But save yourself the absurdity of looking generic and work on the game and not talk about it so much. Naughtydog does wonders when taking off 2 years in between each game... Uncharted 2, GOTY... Can't say the same for Mass Effect 2, which will be long forgotten by 2010's GOTY awards.

Nihilism3178d ago

Jesus christ, so much fail in such short a time. They planned it as a trilogy from the start, which is why it is different to most sequels, in that the entire story is based around the continuity, name another game where you can tranfer your save game and have completely different endings, and gameplay based on what you did in another game. If like other games they just did a story fit for a 1 off, then all of a sudden went "guess what, the bad guys are back" then it would be wrong.


They planned it as a trilogy from the start and to finish it now would leave it unfinished. You also have not played the game you idiot so you cannot comment on the merits of a sequel. It took me 44hrs 39minutes to finish my first playthrough, so they hardly rushed the game out in order to profit. The story arcs ( and there are hundreds all at once ) the level and character design are deeper and more detail than any other game i've played, they went all out, and that they have more to give is amazing, it's a shame you will be out...scratch that, what I meant to say was AHAHAHA

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CoffeewithChess3178d ago

Must be nice to know when you release a game that it will sell enough for a sequel.

BeaArthur3178d ago

I'm sure they will meet that challenge.

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