Sony Talks 2010, Competing with Natal and Wii, and More

Sony talks about upcoming plans for 2010, motion controller support, and how they'll differentiate their motion controller from Natal and the Wii.

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MetalGearRising3180d ago

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NYC_Gamer3180d ago

enjoy looking like some retard playing with ur natal

cmrbe3180d ago

Don't use your actual pic.

Marty83703180d ago

LAGTAL doesn't or won't, same great M$ formula.

MattyF3180d ago

Wow you just got served.

Dtoxz3180d ago

Wow so you're a xbot, a virgin AND you're ugly! No wonder you pick on the ps3. Thats filling a void (thats what she said)

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gerol3180d ago

excellent interview!
clap. clap. clap :D

mastiffchild3180d ago

Well, another interview that fails to ask the mopst glaringly obvious question there is right now about Sony's apparently half hearted(compared to Ninty and MS-they don't seem nearly as invested in this as their main thrust for the future and given their makreting history I don't know how much they'll push it)foray into the world of motion controls:WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO THE ANALOG STICK QUESTION , Sony?

I'll put it simply:I think Sony are at abject failure with Arc/Gem,Wand even as I write if they haven't got another controller to go with the one we've seen yet noone ever asks them where it is, why not? Natal ducks the question, atm , because we know so little about what MS plan to do with it or even if traditional games will be playable with the new system but with Sony being like a more high tech iteration of what Wii currently offers we already know they'll need an alternative to do the job the "nunchuck" does for the Wii.

We've seen LBP and RE5 played using one wand and with a DS3 being used in the other, single, hand. So why dopesn't anyone ask Sony if that's what their solution is or whether we'll see a custom built control to go with Gem/Arc/
Whatever launch? I'm saying this because IF sSony go with nothing and just make gamers use the DS3 in their other hand it's not going to work.1, It looks cheap compared to the custom made answer Ninty already have in a billion homes.2, It's not possible for those with smallm hands to even use a DS3 like that-my kids tried when we mocked it up and couldn't reach top push the stick in every direction.£, It's a pain in the arse for even the adults in our house and I guarantee would start to actually be painful after a short while as it's uncomfy from the very start!Honestly, I think the failure of Sony in the currewnt motion control battle could be revealed right now id someone would only ask the question which I can't believe for a second they won't!

No "nunchuck" custom built analogue stick controller to go with Gem/Arc/Spgere/Wands and Sony are dead in the woprld on motion control EVEN with killer software because we KNOW that trad games will NEED one and we KNOW the DS3 won't work in the role(God, it looked so pikey!) and won't appeal to newcomers either when Nintendo look twenty times as professional with their better prepared effort.That's withoput mentioning what MS may or may not do.

It's clear, to my eyes, that MS are more fully invested in this whole thing BUT that doesn't need to be the wisest approach but I#m concerned that Sony just aren't taking any of the needed steps to make it any kind of fight. The analog solution has to be there or this will be an almighty waste of time and R&D money.The only thing that baffles me more than Sny not having demoed with one (or at least mentioned the subject, FFS!)is that NOONE in the media has ever asked(or at least hasn't printed the results of)the question!

Every time I see an interview on the subject I'mn left with the exact same issues in my head-and I'#m convinced that Sony have to have one or they might as well sack the whole episode right now.It's not ecven like it's an expensive thing to implement, i it? There's tons of similar PC devices made for PC right now so why haven't Sony mentioned or shown what they p[lan us to use yet unless there really IS nothing. In which case people can forget Sony being involved in any kind of motion contro,battle and with the accuracy of their stage demos , that's a damn shame as their tech impressed most on that front-and by a country mile as well, imo.

MattyF3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Sony has made it pretty clear that the analog stick will be the PS3 controller. He even refers to the use of the DualShock3 in the interview.

Saaking3180d ago

Sony will definitely be the best in 2010. The Wii will probably be in first again, but in overall game lineup nothing beats Sony.

feelintheflow3180d ago

I just don't see it. While Natal sounds a bit gimmicky when talking about use with hardcore games, this sounds ridiculous to be using the controller along with it. I have a feeling that neither MS or Sony will capture much of the wii audience with their new devices. Niche market for sure.

asdr3wsfas3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Mario, Metroid, Zelda, No More Heroes 2 (your hiphopgamer gave this a perfect), Tastunoko vs Capcom, Monster Hunter 3 and Red Steel 2 actually compare pretty closely to sony exclusives.

If they localize Sin and Punishment 2 and Dynamic Slash it's pretty much over. Also, xeno spiritual successor.

Notice how about half my list includes games already released in japan with proven gameplay but you're going entirely on hype?

Blaze9293180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Yeeeaaaa still calling it a "wand" Sony until we get a damn name - at least a freakin' code name.

I think he completely missed the point. "It's not a wand...its a bunch of technical ho-ha the casual market we are obviously aiming for won't even understand." - that sure does help. What 'is' a 'wand' so to speak anyway? That's just what everyone is calling it becuase we have no name.

kneon3180d ago

I agree completely. I've been saying this since we first saw the motion controller. Player movement is best controlled with an analog stick as Nintendo have already figured out. One possibility is to just put an analog stick on the wand and you could use one in each hand, but they would have to be priced such that a pair of these are not much above the cost of a dualshock. This solution also adds more control options since it's everything a dualshock can do plus more.

doeman3180d ago

chillax man, it's not like anything's final yet. the arc was delayed until fall, so that much needed analog stick could still be coming. don't know what to say about the interviewers not questioning on it though. if it's any consolation, kotaku had an article in december about a couple of patents that sony released regarding the arc. could be a solution for the "ds3 in one hand" problem.

TOO PAWNED3180d ago

BORING AND POINTLESS interview. How about asking good question, like talking about E3, Q3/Q4 of this year, what Sony has to counter Fable 3, Halo Reach, Gears 3 and who knows what else from this years strong MS lineup.
i don't care about arc, talk about hardcore games, come on sony. R3, Motorstrom 3 could not care less for those.

IdleLeeSiuLung3180d ago

This is such an old interview... I mean, this was before they announced the delay of the wands.

On top of that, the questions are poor and the answers are generic, but I guess that is what you get when you are unspecific!!!

Unfortunately, I don't see the wands differentiating itself enough from the Wii and the lack of a specialized analog controller makes it look even more hobbled together.

The good news, we might finally get Wii like games in HD. I might be more interested in playing Metroid Prime like FPS if it was in HD with Trophies. The bad, we have likely already seen what this type of controller is capable of and the fun games already exist on the Wii at likely half the price.

FamilyGuy3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

He didn't ask if the two technologies would have games that use them in conjunction with each other.

I know there will be but I want to know if and devs are working on a 3D game made specifically for the PS Motion controller.

"I mean, this was before they announced the delay of the wands."

That was JUST last month, this isn't too old.

Shang-Long3180d ago

lets go Sony lets go CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP LOL

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VegaShinra3180d ago

Pretty funny he said "it truly does everything."

-Alpha3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Marketing hype. It's a pretty damn good slogan. It's so edgy and has a bit of a sarcastic attitude. I think they need to redo the "Universe of Entertainment" ad with the Ladies and Gentlemen song and infuse the "It only does everything" ad.

The UoE ad really made the PS3 look like a "do-it-all" machine but with how far the PS3 has gone since then it would be nice to see it done again.

asdr3wsfas3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )


Can you watch hulu on it?

Parapraxis3180d ago

Can the Wii play DVDs?

Blaze9293180d ago


can we use any hard drive we want on the 360?

young juice3180d ago

"Can you watch hulu on it?"

i can

asdr3wsfas3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Do we use that as a marketing slogan?

I watch DVDs on my ps3 or dvd player. Or my ps2. Or my xbox 360.

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OmarJA-N4G3180d ago

Keep up the good work Sony you the best always... :)

Hey MGR 360 sucks & has no games. :)

-Alpha3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

"Again, through our research, we learned that while people definitely enjoy physical interaction and movement, they also want precise control and a simple, fast, reliable way to trigger actions and hence, we designed our new control system to accomplish all of this"

This is exactly why I am anticipating the Arc more than Natal: I NEED and want something tactile to hold. I can't imagine stepping on an invisible gas pedal or using my hands to shoot an air-gun.

Now I just hope they add an analog stick to the Arc

"There are restrictions with several types of game genres when only using a camera and our goal was to open this up to all types of experiences of games – the new Motion Controller allows this diversity."

That is my ultimate concern with Natal, and I'm glad that Sony is deciding to one-up the Wii instead of compete with MS's style. It's really nice to see how they are all going their own ways.

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