Mass Effect 3 release timed to "maximise quality"

CVG: Sequel will arrive in a window that makes the most of its quality, says Ray Muzyka.

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lociefer3184d ago

i hope they change the engine, its really showing its age, other than that, the game is flawless

Ghostsmoker3184d ago

I don't think they will change the engine much. I really like how it looks and plays.

joydestroy3184d ago

i'm hoping that they at least make use of the new Unreal Engine. ME2 runs off of UE3.5 so it would only make sense that ME3 run off of UE4

Akagi3184d ago

What is wrong with you? It looks amazing.

Rush3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

The Unreal 3 Engine is a graphical power house to be honest. The only thing limiting it is the console hardware. On my pc I have The Last Remnant running at 1920x1200 with X8AA X16AF. And I kid you not it makes makes every console game look last gen.

And remember what a terrible mess of a game that was on the 360 all due to hardware limitations.

BYE3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

I was actually surprised what they squeezed out of the Unreal 3 engine. This level of quality was definitely not expected.

Bioware has proved that they know how to use the engine, so there should be no worries if they use it for Mass Effect 3, too.

nycredude3184d ago


Come on with your comment. higher resolution doesn't make great graphics, a turd is a turd. A turd in higher resolution just makes a clearer turd.

BTW last remnant could be 40893254y2357823475y8347983 x 2698475902348508723984 resolution and it would still suck.

Arnon3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Considering that it shows you have absolutely no knowledge pertaining to resolutions and anti-aliasing, I don't know why you commented on the subject in the first place. Not only did you not prove him wrong, but the only thing you argued was your subjective opinion towards the games... gameplay.

How about the next time you comment, you make it will constructed with some factual knowledge in it, so we can take you seriously next time. That way, you wont come off looking like a jackass by shooting a man's comment down. I honestly don't think I've read a comment by you that I could take seriously.

Actually, next time just stay on topic (with the comment you're relating to or just the article in general).

Rush3184d ago

Your ignorance is astounding, and rather then going into all the reasons your an idiot I will simply show you proof.

This image it take a little while to load because I tried to keep as much quality as possible although its still lost quite abit.

OGharryjoysticks3184d ago

Mass Effect 3 release timed to "maximise quality".

Or in other words when the next XBOX releases because like joydestroy posted above the UE4 engine is ready for the next system (which everybody knows they were talking about the next XBOX) as Epic stated about 4-5 months ago.

Nihilism3184d ago

I think you'll find it's the console that's showing it's age, and not the engine. ME2 looks amazing on PC, one of the best looking games in years.

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pr0digyZA3184d ago

I love the engine, they showed so much detail in the world this time around,plus graphics were increased significantly.Plus new engine takes too much time, and they would want to release all three out before next xbox.Any way I feel sorry for them like naughty dog people have got high expectations for the following games.

BeaArthur3184d ago

Haven't finished 2 but can't wait for 3.

jakethesnake3184d ago

I haven't even picked up 2 yet and I'm looking forward to 3!

*Crosses fingers that he will be able to go out and pick up ME2 this weekend*

The real killer3184d ago

What have Naughty dog to do?

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3184d ago

This time next year?

Release date aside, really excited for ME3.

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