GOW3 will feature three-hours of bonus videos

PS Uni writes: "And a (presumably new) Gran Turismo 5 trailer. So not only will you reportedly get 15-20 hours of gameplay out of the upcoming God of War III, you'll also have yourself three-hours of bonus videos to enjoy. And a Heavy Rain trailer; and a Mod Nation Racers trailer; and a M.A.G. trailer. On-disc advertising of PlayStation 3 exclusives has begun."

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nogolis3180d ago

After playing the snooze religiously over-toned Dante's Inferno this will be a god send. "no pun intended"

nskinnear3180d ago

Is Dante's Inferno really boring? I was looking forward to playing that soon (something to hold me over until GOW III).

techie3180d ago

And Dante's Inferno has co-op...unlike GOWIII

nogolis3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Don't get me wrong, it does the genre justice... It's just like this with me

1. Its super religious tones are off putting to people like me "jewish"... I've rolled my eyes at some of this stuff because it was so painful to sit through and watch.

2. Why play the imitater when you can play and have the real things "God of War" "Devil May Cry" "Ninja Gaiden" ? I mean, you might like it and it might get you to GOW3 but it won't be a memerable experience I don't believe.

Basically, remember Conan for Ps3 and xbox360? That's what this is like with a bit more production behind it. The graphics in DI aren't fantastic aside from the cutscenes... and the gameplay is very tired. It'll probably tide a few over but certainly not me.

@1.2 GOW3 is going to have CO-op... Trust me. 100% confirmed DLC. And even still, Co-op isn't important in the grandscheme of things, man. In 10 years Dante's Inferno won't even be rememberd... GOW will, though. And I'd like to see you play that "co-op" in 5 years even. ha.

nskinnear3180d ago

Well, thanks for your opinions. I'll probably still rent the game though.

divideby03180d ago

Nog....thanx...for sharing

techie3180d ago

Why disagree. GOWIII has no confirmed co-op, Dante's Inferno does. There is nothing false in my post.

A Cupcake for Gabe3180d ago

Dante's Inferno is a blatant copy of the GOW gameplay style overlayed onto a cool story. Which is great and all.

But the GOW series is by far, untouchable. And every DMC, Bayonetta, Dante's Inferno, or Ninja Blade game that can come out now and forever won't dethrone it. Get over it boys. Kratos is the reigning god among epic action slashers.

darthv723180d ago

The greek tone for the GoW series is pretty good if not as accurate and historic as the crusade tone in Dante. All aside, from a jewish perspective I can see playing Dante Inferno and the possible sequels Purgatory and Paradise more fullfilling than say a game centered around the holocaust (ie: WWII).

cereal_killa3180d ago


If you're unsure of any game it's ok to read stuff about the game from people and site reviews... But you have to understand not everyone playing these games are as interested in certain games so the best thing to do is rent it 1st if you like it buy if not how much are you out, the best judge for anything out there is yourself.

mrv3213180d ago

'After playing the snooze religiously over-toned Dante's Inferno this will be a god send. "no pun intended" '

Are you kidding ME? Your complaining that theirs too much religion in a game who's source material IS THE DIVINE COMEDY. A books which talks about Inferno, Purgatory and Paradisio CONTAINS A bit too much religon... Now I may want to bring this UP but YOU BOUGHT A GAME BASED OFF RELIGON and now your complaining that there's religon. What next complain that God of War has too many refrenced to Greek Mythology.

Maybe just do a bit of research into your games.

You do realise Dante's Inferno is getting co-op right?

FamilyGuy3180d ago


Dante's Inferno will eventually have co-op.
It will not be shipping with it as it's DLC that will be released on April 29h according to the "leaked" video.

April 29th is pretty far away and most single player games get traded in that far after release so all they're really doing is trying to keep copies in the buyers hands. By the time it comes out GOW3 will have come and gone.

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MetalGearRising3180d ago

Truth is it's still 10 hours of gameplay not 15-20 hours also what's this CRAP three-hours of bonus videos .U can just look them up on the Net. GOW3 is turning into a big joke here's why:

1. 1080p and 60fps was promised......Instead we get down graded GOW3 720p.
2. Now we are being told due to three-hours of bonus videos GOW3 will be 10 hours of gameplay because of the space those Videos take up on blu-ray.
3. GOW3 = JOKE save your $$$ for a better game.

techie3180d ago

Your number 2 point makes no logical sense.

Darkeyes3180d ago

Didn't you buy ODST with 4 HOURS of gameplay running at a Sub-HD 640P 30FPS for 60$.. And you whine cause we PS3 owners get more content LMAO.

"Videos take up place on Blu-Ray"... This isn't your half arsed DVD that we are running out of space lol.. Go play your Dante's Inferno and think you don't want GOW3 while we play GOTY in march.

Double073180d ago

MGR why do you keep saying "we"?

You have no interest in this game, dont own a PS3 and will never even play this game so do everyone a favour and gtfo.

Oh and the only big joke here is yourself.

Doc Sony3180d ago

lol, what do you mean: WE ??

This game is a PS3 exclusive.

Karooo3180d ago

It said its "over" 10 hours, my gpd you are one jealous sob.

Dude GTFO your trolling is getting lame, wtf is this sht trolling is supposed to atleast make a little bit sense, you are a disgrace to entire 360 fanbase.

Show me an article where they said its ONLY 10 hours.

cliffbo3180d ago

it was never promised that it would have 1080p native. it has 1080i native or 720p native. these 3 hours of extra content do not reduce the play time. you are really pathetic son

Dtoxz3180d ago

STFU you d*uche fanboy. You don't see any of us ps3 fanboys bashing on your games. WTF do you care? You don't even own a ps3.

You are a f*g. You are a failure. You are a fanboy....and you're the worst kind. The uneducated retard that bashes the ps3 either because
A) You're f**king dumb and have NO idea what you're talkin about
B) You just want to get a rise out of people
C) You are some dumbass that doesn't even play video games and just trolls sites to start flamewars
D) All of the above

I'm gonna go with D.
I think everyone else will too. You are a failure and should go hang yourself with the HD cables your xbox comes with.
Nobody likes you....not even Bill gates. I know, it hurts but the pain will go away when you hang yourself...Don't worry.

weazel3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

To the elder mod gods,
Please for the sake of all unholy creation ban the useless illiterate sh*t-fountain at the top of this thread! All he does is uselessly troll (BUT, this isn't 'fun' humorous trolling! It's useless, heart sinking bollo*ks trolling). I would gladly sacrifice puppies to not have to wait for days, staring at his greyed out bubble removal icon to ping back to life.
Either reduce the time it takes for re-bubble removal, or save a lot of stress and associated bot linkage by jettisoning this pi*s gargler.

Aquarius3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

...nice ownage there ;)

BTW 360 doesn't come with HD Cables. It's also wasn't the 1st HD Console on the market. That goes to PS3.

M$: It is a myth that you need HDMI to output HD Video and Audio...
What a retarded company.

gtamike1233180d ago

MetalGearRising go play MGS4 oh wait... :)

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Troll_Police3180d ago

Well said in 1.3. Why ruin your steak dinner with a hot dog?

saimcheeda3180d ago

This game is going to rock!

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