For The People Who Care: No New Colony Wars

With news of Sony Computer Entertainment firing approximately half of the staff of Studio Liverpool. Isaiah Taylor, of ITBrog, can't help but think if the opportunity for a new Colony Wars is off-the-table. SCEE Lead Designer, Nick Burcombe answers that question and many more.

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Cajun Chicken3233d ago

I know it wasn't made by Psygnosis, but what of Rollcage? I miss that franchise.

BlackIceJoe3233d ago

It is really said to hear about Liverpool and the canceling of projects. I have wanted a new Colony Wars game for years. The game could have had multi-player battles online and offline. So it sucks to hear that there is not that big of a chance for another Colony Wars game. I so wish I new what Sony was doing. Because Liverpool has not been a big player yet on the PS3. But to me Psygnosis put the Playstation on the map. So I hate what is happening to one of the best game studios out there.

I just hope Liverpool does not get stuck just making motion controller games and casual ones. Because SCE London had both Eightdays and the Getaway being made and were canceled for the casual ones instead.

So I hope Sony can get there act together and give both SCE Liverpool and London studios gamer games.