Too Human - Video Games: The Eighth Art, Plus Three New Images

In the previous blog, John Mitterer cognitive psychologist at Brock University, discussed the recent conference at Brock University – Interacting with Immersive Worlds. He used the metaphor of alchemy to describe the way academics and designers banded together at the conference to discuss video games.

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kewlkat0074139d ago

shouldn't this game be the first for 4-player co-op on the Next-gen consoles?

power of Green 4139d ago

Will this release before Halo 3? and doesn't Halo 3 have 4 player co-op?.

eques judicii4139d ago

no, M:UA and Rainbow Six did 4 player online...

VirusE4139d ago

I cant wait! I loved eternal darkness; silicon knights are masters of story telling.

AngryHippo4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

It does look good. This game wasn't that amazing last time i checked (which was a long time ago) but it seems it has improved drastically and starting to look really good. tO kewlkat007, yeh i think it would be the first 4 player co-op, that is if it releases before Haze, which i think is also supposed to have 4 player co-op (don't have a go if i'm wrong). When is this game set to release? oh and can someone tell me what the dates are for E3?It should be an incredible event, hopefully get to see more of this game during E3!

Oh yeh Halo 3 should have 4 player co-op. I think 4 player co-op is pretty damn impressive for a game to have, can't wait!

THWIP4139d ago

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was the first to do 4-player co-op. Also, 'Fantastic Four 2' will have it as well, and will be out next month.

VirusE4139d ago

True but that doesnt count:)

THWIP4139d ago

yeah, it does...unless you just like avoiding FACTS. ???

MoonDust4139d ago

Hopefully it will be a AAA title.

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The story is too old to be commented.