No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "All in all, NMH2 is a much better game than its predecessor. Almost everything that detracted from the experience found in the original NMH has been addressed and is now vastly more enjoyable. Players are no longer taken out of the fun parts of the game to mindlessly repeat minigames in order to progress and aren't forced to drive around town to find their next dose of combat. Instead, NMH2 is more akin to a shot of gaming adrenaline, delivering over the top action, entertaining minigames, and an enjoyably absurd storyline and characters directly into your veins without delay."

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Magna Farta3232d ago

This game was literally the first time I've played my Wii in over 6 months.

An absolute blast from start to finish.

EvilTwin3232d ago

Good review. Although the map/menu selections aren't "instantly transported." There's a 4-5 second delay on the map, then a very brief load screen.

The Shinobu levels are a tad frustrating, but there's a TON of potential there. If Suda retires Travis, NMH3 with Shinobu would be absolutely badass.