New God of War III Video shows updated build


In the following unseen God of War III video you'll get a glimpse of the game's latest build before an all new trailer on February 11th. Many PlayStation 3 gamers have given the God of War III demo a go, but with the demo dating back to E3 2009, none of us are really aware of what might have changed since then. The video below gives us that chance.

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Guido3178d ago

It's the reason that this game needs to be on everybody's list to buy. It is going to be a graphical beast. As for gameplay... It's God of War, it's going to be epic.

creatchee3178d ago

Yeah it does - just shows how far the series has come since the PS2 with what they can do and how they can do it! Can't wait!

Noctis Aftermath3178d ago

Glad i got to see that before the video gets removed.

nskinnear3178d ago

"Yeah it does - just shows how far the series has come since the PS2 with what they can do and how they can do it! Can't wait!"

God of War II literally pushed the PS2 to its limits. I'm glad to see Sony SM putting the same effort into GoW III ;)

FangBlade3178d ago

It sounds like you guys saw the vid in HD o.o
When i watched the vid it didnt even give me HQ :[
Damn I wanna see it in HD too! is something wrong with my comp? :\

Bordel_19003178d ago

Looks really good, but hasn't it looked this good a long time now, just like the demo? I think this build is pre-E3.

Beast_Master3178d ago

Umm this is just a behind the scenes video not an updated build. I can't believe we are a month away and are still just going off of one trailer and demo build that is over a year old. I really want to see more but glad that nothing is being spoiled as well.

mikeslemonade3178d ago

Looks better but it's still meh because the camera is so far back. It's basically like GOW2 HD right there. It needs a camera that is closer.

sikbeta3178d ago

I can't see the Video Now, but I'm sure is Amazing


Shane Kim3178d ago

Beast_Master, It's Sony's and Santa Monica's agenda to not show anything (or as little as possible) so that the game won't get spoiled. I red it somewhere and I'll try to find a link for you.

DatNJDom813178d ago

Dont wanna spoil it for myself. Ill get my Pandoras Box set soon, then Ill watch it.

Beast_Master3178d ago

Yes I have heard that.. I also heard that Santa Monica actually builds games diffrently than most studios, in that instead of one level at a time they actually build the whole game at the same time then upload the build, which is why we haven't seen any final build because it will all be built at the same time or something like that.. Chris Roeper of IGN explained it better in a podcast.

Karum3178d ago

I don't think the lighting is why this needs to be on everyone's game list. I'd be very confident in saying the percentage of gamers that take lighting into consideration is probably less than 1%.

Now this game should be on everyone's buy list but it's because the Kratos is a badass, the story is epic as is Greek Mythology and the gameplay will be the best in this genre. And of course it'll also look amazing too, we can't forget that but that's a bonus really, a bonus that I will enjoy very very much.

Nineball21123178d ago

" It's Sony's and Santa Monica's agenda to not show anything (or as little as possible) so that the game won't get spoiled. I red it somewhere and I'll try to find a link for you."

I'm glad they don't show anything or that would have blue it.

Arnon3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

"It's the reason that this game needs to be on everybody's list to buy."

Lighting is not the reason why I would want to purchase God of War 3. I also think the environmental textures look god awful in this game. Character models are top-notch, and Kratos looks gorgeous, but I'm buying the game for it's action and the final chapter of the trilogy, not it's graphics.

These screenshots are of the latest build that has been shown to the public.

No offense, but these screenshots look awful. I know I'm going to get ripped apart for even thinking something different from the crowd, but I've explained my reasons as to why in the past. You guys would honestly be lying to yourselves if you said that anything other than Kratos looks amazing in this, especially if you've played Uncharted 2.

(Just so you know, I've already paid off the God of War 3 Ultimate Edition)

DarkTower8053177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Don't forget about the voice-overs. I've been playing the GOW collection this past week and I forgot how awesome the voice-overs are, especially the narration. I hope the lady that does the narration is still alive (sounded pretty old back then) to do it because her voice is a one-of-a-kind.

EDIT: YES!!! I just checked and she's back! Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) is also on board. Here's a link for anyone interested in these things:

Beast_Master3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

It must be hard living your life as a snob. Who knows what the final build will look like... but I am sure you will be the only person on the planet that would actually complain about the graphics.

Microsoft Xbox 3603177d ago

Arnon is a known PS3 hater. Don't worry about his opinion.

Karum3177d ago

Yes the voice overs are awesome too, a very very good point!

The lady that does the voice of Gaia is epic imo and I can't wait to hear that narrative!

FamilyGuy3177d ago

This is the first I'm hearing of this


I'd like a more mature/brutal theme than that one but it's cool that you could get it for free if you get the right code in a mountain dew bottle cap.

Socrates3177d ago

Don't worry, Arnon, I agree with you. The game will be excellent, but the graphics are not what some people have hyped them up to be.
If it were a multiplatform game people would say "hmm...looks pretty good" and we wouldn't hear anything about it "crushing every other game" or any of that other nonsense.

The graphics are clearly quite good and along with the art direction and fantastic gameplay it is going to be a gripping and absorbing game. But people shouldn't overhype its graphics. It does a disservice to other games that have achieved more in the area of technical presentation.

Arnon3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Lol... I'm apparently a known PS3 hater and a snob because I don't listen to the majority of the overzealous idiots on this website. Amazing. Sorry, I spent close to $1300 on my PS3 last year because I listened to the inane dribble that came from (usually) the mouths of people such as yourself.

$500 PS3
Metal Gear Solid 4
Killzone 2
Demon's Souls Deluxe Edition
God of War Collection
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Little Big Planet
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Katamari Forever
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Noby Noby Boy
WipEout HD
Pixel Junk: Monsters Encore
Fat Princess

(This is all within a year)

(I've probably experienced more of the exclusives on the PS3 than the majority of the people on this website who brag about them)

Now, I've paid off the God of War 3 Ultimate Edition, bought the God of War Collection that is nothing but a mess and freezes every time I boot it up, causing me to restart at least twice to play the game, and am about to go pay off Heavy Rain because I keep listening to the people on this site.

So please, I'm the last person you could consider a PS3 hater. I've devoted so much time to the console because I've tried to explore a new product that I've purchased. I've enjoyed the games that I have bought (surely not as much as some of you claim to have), and have even convinced 3 other people to purchase one as well.

Nice name calling by the way. It goes to show that nobody should listen to the rabid community that you're apart of. All the moronic banter surrounding God of War has positioned me so that if I'm not critiquing all of it's shortcomings, then I'm agreeing with the inane, ravenous dogmatism.



Exactly. God of War's art direction is awesome. The game as a whole looks excellent and Kratos alone is probably more polygons than a horde of enemies.

pixelsword3177d ago

That's the sound of money dropping from wallets around the world; about $60 in America.

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nskinnear3178d ago

Wow, the lighting does look fantastic.

OtherWhiteMeat3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

Man, I really wanted to watch this video but didn't want ruin the game experience.Can't wait for this game.The Ultimate Edition looks tempted to pre order,also ten dollar price drop at Amazon.

Myze3178d ago

I'm pretty sure this wouldn't ruin anything for you, unless you didn't know there were chimera's. This is pretty much just a "Making of...the Chimera." The very short clip of in-game gameplay you see in the video is just a scene from the demo with the updated graphics. If you haven't seen the demo gameplay, you may wanna skip it, but if so, you won't see anything new at all other than the (amazing) updated lighting and graphics.

OtherWhiteMeat3177d ago

Checked it out,thanks for the info.

Chuck Norris KING3178d ago

It looks Decent nothing Amazing ..

techie3178d ago

True, in an SD video.

Ghostsmoker3178d ago

this is pretty stunning ... you can't deny that this looks epic.

Darkeyes3178d ago

Well thats what you get when you draw verdicts from a youtube video :/
Besides, frankly those aren't new builds either and it's really hard to spot much off a youtube video. Show me some Titan footage that floored most journalists in December... That would make my day.

I know you are scared of Kratos Chuck Norris lol... Everyone fears him. Even Gods.

Guido3178d ago

Better than Gears 2?


Ghostsmoker3178d ago

But God of War is really sick! Nothing comes close to it according to its genre. It's cool that you take it the funny way. That's pretty cool @ Guido.

DatNJDom813178d ago

better than anything on 360.

Socrates3177d ago

"better than anything on 360."


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Mamajuana3178d ago

I've been gaming for a while, since the days of Atari 2600 and NES, and this is the first collectors edition I'm getting. They really deserve it this game is going to be amazing. I can't wait.