Mass Effect 2 New DLC Rumour

With the launch of Mass Effect 2 still fresh in the air and its problematic Cerberus Network and DLC setback behind us, fans will be happy to know that there is soon to be a new DLC character.

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Enjoi9151113181d ago

"s problematic Cerberus Network and DLC setback behind us, "

whats the point of saying that.....

website wants hits dont go!!!!

BeaArthur3181d ago

There were some Cerberus Network issues at the release. I didn't have the problem but a lot of people did, so the problem was very real.

Rockox3181d ago

The only "problem" I knew of was that Zaeed wasn't available on launch day. Other than that, Cerberus Network has been running smooth for me.

BeaArthur3181d ago

Rockox...there were a lot of issues reported with EA email accounts not linking with Xbox Live user emails or something like that. I didn't have the problem either but I know a lot of people were complaining about it not working on Bioware's website.

Rockox3181d ago

@ BeaArthur: Well I guess I got lucky then. The way Bioware has everything linked to the EA accounts is kinda tricky, but I figured that was just because I'm an idiot.

BeaArthur3181d ago

No it's not you it's a horribly and unnecessarily complicated system.

Chubear3181d ago

Any PS3 gamer that also has a 360, PM if you'd like to have the Inferno Armour. I have an extra code but it's only for NA (USA&Canada)

joydestroy3181d ago

i want armor and weapon dlc. like the collector armor that came with the CE would be cool.

and more missions of course!

Enate3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

The Cerberus network issue was very real believe me. I spent over two hours on the phone talking with EA support to get mine working. Of which the majority of that time was spent on hold. The problem was apparently with some of the CE network cards.

As for new DLC, I want it, a new character was already expected a female from what I heard. Along side the hammerhead DLC that was supposed to already be out from my understanding. I agree with the majority of people though I want a huge story expansion an with lots of good big arcs an side missions. I've beaten the game twice already an I"m already going for a third.

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BeaArthur3181d ago

I think this character does exist. I have an empty roster spot on my team and although I haven't finished the game yet I don't think there are any new characters to pick up along the way. Hopefully the DLC will either be free or by accompanied by multiple missions. Zaed is cool but I don't know if I would pay $10 for his character. I haven't done his side mission yet but he apparently only comes with 1 mission which would not be worth the price of admission.

Rubberlegs3181d ago

Your missing character comes from a later main mission (IFF mission). The game doesn't need any more party members there enough to being with. I just want new missions or an expansion like what they are doing Dragon Age.

Rockox3181d ago

A friend of mine has noticed an empty slot on his team stats screen as well, one that he doesn't have a dossier for. So yeah, this would make sense. I'll probably grab this new character when I do my second playthrough (and third and fourth...).

BeaArthur3181d ago

Rubberlegs...I just finished the mission before that one, I'll just have to wait and see who it is (no spoilers please). I was kind of annoyed that it made me start taking on missions before I wanted too but as long as I get to complete all the side quests before the final mission I'll be fine.

ceedubya93181d ago

But, more and bigger side missions, or an expansion for the story would be more desireable, like Rubberlegs said. There are already enough characters as it is.

joydestroy3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Rubberlegs is correct. i won't tell you who it is though since you asked for no spoilers, but you do pick them up during the IFF mission. i haven't activated them yet.

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tdrules3181d ago

its funny because you think you have the upper hand.
but here i am, playing ME2 in a window whilst replying to your comment.
your life must suck.

Vortex3D3181d ago

If a new character is added, then the crew roster page will have to be changed because there isn't any free chracter slot left after Zaeed DLC.

DarkBlood3181d ago

looks like i will give this new character a try when i get around to beating it for a second time

just beat the game 2 days ago on insanity mode with all missions and sidequests finished before the final battle and the total runtime was 53 hours and 48 mins unfortunately 3 characters didn't make it during my story playthrough but at least my shepard survive "whew"

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