The Portable Gamer: Battle Blasters Review

TPG writes: "Dear iPhone developers: please stop with the attempts at bringing one-on-one fighters to the iPhone. I get it, it's a genre that hasn't seen many entries on the App Store. But here's the problem – the genre has been defined for the last 2 decades by the Street Fighters, Mortal Kombats, Tekkens, and Guilty Gears of the world. It's a genre based on precision and technique. The iPhone just isn't the platform to do these types of games in the way that you should because of its interface. There are so many other genres that work well on the iPhone, can't we just cut our losses with the one-on-one fighting genre and move on? Battle Blasters is here, doing a lot of new things, but it suffers from many of the mentioned issues that plague fighting games that dare fly too close to the sun by attempting something completely new."

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