IGN: Alienware M11x Review

Despite a few minor hiccups, our experiences with the M11x were almost entirely positive. In terms of performance and form factor alone, the M11x is an amazing machine, but when you pair that with its alluring starting price of just $799, it is tough to beat.

Performance - 9.5
Build quality - 9.0
Features - 8.5
Value - 9.5

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-Alpha3181d ago

I'm actually getting a new laptop for school, but I would love a gaming laptop too. Not to run something huge like Crysis but something that can run MAss effect or Halo 2 or something of that nature.

I know nothing about computers though, and I want a laptop. I know Alienware is supposed to be the best option for gaming, but I have a budget around $1500.

I've considered a Mac Book for school because battery life is perfect but at the same time it's not meant for gaming, but I don't really know much about purchasing a gaming laptop.

El_Colombiano3181d ago

Well if size is a matter you focus on this is the best thing you can get sub-15" and under five pounds.

xTruthx3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Alienware is the way to go, have been a loyal costumer of theirs for years. They really are worth the money(if you have the $, cus yeah they r a little bit pricy), you can only know this when you buy one, many people talk without ever buying one about being overpriced but they say that cus they don't have one. My 2 year older alienware laptops have perform better than my friends new dells,toshiba's, acer and compaq. While theirs had better cpu's and ram mine would start faster and run smoother, I don't know what they do but they make it durable,reliable & hella fast. If you have the money then go with it, but if not then just get a Toshiba with cost less and are great too

Erocal3181d ago

if $1500 is your budget. I highly recommend a macbook pro. Gaming works great on mine, the long battery life and Mac OSX Snow Leopard are really great for school.

socomnick3181d ago

get the alienware m11x it craps on the macbook pros.

El_Colombiano3181d ago

Macbooks suck hardware wise. What 9400M(G)'s as the IGP? I think the $1500 has a 9500. Please. Get out of here Apple.

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dirthurts3181d ago

I would go with ASUS if size isn't a factor. Very powerful, but they will give you much more bang for your buck than Alienware(AKA Dell) and especially the Apple products. They can be big and a bit heavier than the others though. Full size keyboard too.
If size and weight are a factor, I would honestly say this Alienware is a good deal, even though I'm not a big fan of their gear. They did good this time. It's actually pretty impressive.
But I would say no to Apple...too many school related programs will not run on them, and you'll end up running Windows via bootcamp on it anyway. Mid as well skip that step. And you pay a lot more for the same components.

Domer253181d ago

i have to be honest, i was skeptical about the mx11. but at this price, well not bad. The processor,and the 11 inch screen might be a problem down the line for for me though.

El_Colombiano3181d ago

I love the 11" screen and the processor is great if you get the Core 2 Duo. It is underclocked to 1.3Ghz per core, but can be taken back to 1.7Ghz for max performance. Great pair with the 335GT!

Noob3181d ago

But I'll wait for the Asus UL30JT. It has a much longer battery life(12 hours) and it may even get around 5 to 6 hours with gaming. It's also coming with an i7 and auto-switching between two graphic cards to save battery life.

zeph943181d ago $600 tower build rapes laptops. Macs = computer with training wheels.

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