God of War III comes to Brazil in March for R$199

From UOL Jogos:

"Sony announced it will bring God of War III in Brazil for R$ 199, the same price charged by "MAG", for example. No date has been set, but want to be at the same time in other countries, ie, from mid-March to the front."

R$199 (Brazilian Real) - $107 (USD)

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Jamegohanssj53184d ago

Holy bajaysus. These currency systems are mind bobbling. Not to be confused with the member.


interrergator3184d ago

holy crap i can buy a wii with that lol

ia_studio3184d ago

just as expected sony sells at 100 USD all 60 USD games here at ecuador, that's why I can only import.

mcz3184d ago

I don't think it's Sony that charge $100USD, I believe the reason that the prices are so elevated is due to our government import taxes.
Here in Brazil at least, any kind of eletronic device is overpriced(when comparing to the US and Europe), i.e PS3/XBOX 360 cost R$1500 (800 USD), a standard 32' LCD TV is R$2000 (1100 USD) and so on ....