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"Dark Cloud was one of the first successful RPGs to launch on the PS2 and spawned an equally successful sequel a few years later. The developer Level 5 set a new bar with their series, bringing in a town creation system to the traditional action RPG. Since then, fans have been clamoring for Dark Cloud to make the jump to PS3, and while that still hasn't happened, Level 5 has brought an excellent new IP as they made the generation jump. White Knight Chronicles is the latest addition to the PS3 RPG library, and brings the classic feel of Dark Cloud along with it. A tale of love, bravery, and hope are few of the various themes you will find in the story of White Knight Chronicles..." - Just Push Start

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Delta3180d ago

I get my copy in 4 hours. :)

TheHater3180d ago

I get my copy is exactly 44 minutes and 34 seconds :)

Chris3993180d ago

Me = Canadian.

We get 80% of all game releases one or two days later. The free medicare ain't so bad though :P

the_bebop3180d ago

I live in Australia so that is another 22 Days left.

Ravage273180d ago

i still have to wait :(

Julie3180d ago

Mine arrives in 8 days , i live really far :(

creeping judas3180d ago

I feel you pain. Future Shop until this morning had it coming Feb 2nd, now this morning they changed it to Feb 3rd. I'm not sure about you but I live far from the major Canadian cities, so some times in Toronto my buddies are playing the latest game, and I have to wait one more day for the devlivery to arrive here.

Chris3993180d ago

Only the major releases ME:2, Uncharted 2, Halo, KZ2, etc, get released day and date with the U.S..

Everything else get's pushed. The EB where I go (don't hate, there's not a fanboy in sight and they've ALWAYS been polite - the exception, not the rule, I know :P) sometimes get's the lower-profile games on release day, but can't give them out, as the final retail SKUs don't get put into the computer.

Same with Futureshop and BB.

And don't even get me started on the Blazblue debacle. Or the 2 week wait for Mana Khemia PSP back when I had a 3000.

Guido3180d ago

I love a good RPG and this one seems to fit the bill.

"We get 80% of all game releases one or two days later. The free medicare ain't so bad though :P "

Sorry to hear about late releases in Canada... As for the healthcare, yeah, until you really need it.

Redempteur3180d ago

Hum my copy hasn't shipped yet ..

i'm waiting ..for it my headset is fully charged and my controllers are too ...

Rush3180d ago

I have to wait a few more weeks being in the UK :/

It begs the question why not just give UK users North America region games. Its not like we need all the over languages of the European region PAL games.

O well I will just have to except that am stuck with crappy PAL games for a while longer.

WildArmed3180d ago

stupid Gamestop won't ship my copy already.
it's going to take atleast a week :(

have fun till then D:

sikbeta3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

I want my Copy NOW!!!

Waiting so long for this game, couple of days don't hurt anymore... lol

FamilyGuy3179d ago

Apparently it was back ordered on so they couldn't ship my copy on the release day since I pre-ordered it so late (two weeks ago).

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Delta3180d ago

WTF? "IT ONLY DOES RPG GAMES". No It only does "Everything"

Bodyboarder_VGamer3180d ago

I'm buying this game as soon as I get out of college today!

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Crystallis3180d ago

I get my copy in T- 5 hours...Cant wait.

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