Unreal Engine 3 Vs CryEngine 2

With German developer Crytek offering its CryEngine 2 commercially, the engine market is getting more interesting. Maybe Crytek's entrance will keep Epic and its market-leading Unreal Engine 3 on its toes.

Epic Games' VP Mark Rein doesn't like it when people say there's no competition out there. "It kills me when people say we have no competition," he says. "There are lots of different engines people use to make games. Lots of people use Gamebryo. Lots of people use their own engines. I probably get a little defensive when people say we don't have any competition. We certainly don't think that. If we had no competition why aren't half the games using Unreal?"

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ShiftyLookingCow4137d ago

I certainly want competition. I am sick of hearing how many companies have signed for Unreal 3. Crytek better show off some demos of their tech on 360 and PS3 if they want to spike some interest.

DirtyRat4136d ago

I agree, UE3 is nice for interiors, but CryEngine does outside space amazingly well, esp with destructible terrain and buildings

LeonSKennedy4Life4136d ago

Is this REALLY a competition? We all know the CryEngine2 would destroy the Unreal 3.0

What's wrong with you guys?