Review Round-up: Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

Let's take a look at the game's wide-ranging critical reception and see if Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is viewed much like an intuitive and original DS game in terms of impact, or a poor yawn-inducing PS2-to-PSP port. Spend or Lend?

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nanometric4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Dunno, but I saw the video from CameCube, the RE4 version which didn't get released and it was a lot better than my PS2 version. Liked the dark gloomy look.

r10004191d ago

Resident Evil 4 for the GC was without out a doubt one of the best games for that system. It was a huge bonus for me since I was never expecting a game like that on that system.

PS360WII4191d ago

Well I'm at a shock from yesterday. I'm pretty sure Capcom did not expect this one to sell the best in the mid west. I went to 4 stores and all of them were sold out of RE4 Wii edition :(

But I did get a copy of Sim City DS ^^

ItsDubC4191d ago

Hmm... looks like I will have to make another run to the game store today and pick up SimCity DS lol

ItsDubC4191d ago

I managed to pick this up yesterday. I never played the GC version so you can all imagine how blown-away I am by this title. The storyline, atmosphere, controls, sound, everything. It's a VERY immersive game.

The manual also indicates that there is a LOT of bonus material to be unlocked in the game, and I don't know how much of that was present on the GC. This game is amazing.

PS360WII4191d ago

Sweet! Glad you picked up a copy and are liking it. Never played it before eh? Then you are in for a treat. How's the response for the control/aiming?

The KEN KUTARAGI4191d ago

After firing me, they've got a LOT of extra money to throw around. SONY was paying for my prostitution addiction and out-of-control drinking habits.
I spend 50,000 alone on vibrating underwear in 2004.

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