Merlin game rights up for grabs

Rights-holder and production house FremantleMedia is on the hunt for partners to create a game based on fantasy drama Merlin. The show can be seen in some 165 countries and boasts 6m viewers in the UK.

A third series is currently planned for a September launch, complete with a variety of licensing tie-ins including, playsets, figurines, DVDs, books, costumes, calendars, bags, wallets and more.

"We are already talking to a number of games companies, but nothing has been signed yet," said VP of brand licensing and retail at Fremantle, Pindy O'Brien.

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Baka-akaB3232d ago

and here comes some tv adapted shovelware

Chris3993232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

As long as they don't spew the licensed software over every available platform from the DS to PS3 to Iphone, it might not suck too hard.

The source material is decent. I'm a huge fan of the show, so I'm holding onto a - desperate - hope that it's not too full of fail.

Edit: @ below. I wasn't disagreeing with you or trying to sound argumentative. I'm pretty sure it will indeed suck, but in my fairy-tale land of make-believe, I'd like to think that they could make an awesome game out of such great material - 95% chance that won't happen though :P

And yeah, the Harry Potter/ EA games would be a best case, realistic scenario.

Baka-akaB3232d ago

that's not my point , i love the show , but it's obvious it wont amount to anything good in games imo .

At best i'd say expect harry potter level games

Christopher3232d ago

Wasn't this show originally produced in 2008? How is that "new."

Also, no thanks. I've seen most of season one and it's really just the usual Arthurian mythos concepts. If they want to make a good game, then base it on the actual mythology and not the TV show.

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riksweeney3232d ago

It's a pretty good show I reckon. Watched one episode to see how the iPlayer worked on the PS3 and started watching it from then on. The banter between Arthur and Merlin is very funny.

That said, I imagine a game would undoubtedly suck.

OddBoy3232d ago

I don't think the show's quality matters. Lost is an amazing TV series, and the game based on it could have been really awesome (charismatic characters, a great plot, etc...) but the video game was just...a game based on a TV series, so...

I don't know why they're so bad.

washingmachine3232d ago

oh gawd,im sure it will sukk