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Doc Sony3182d ago

Thus the probability of catching RROD is increased by 300 percent.

Gigalol3182d ago


One month after....360 sells increase by 300% only in NA.

porr patcvhstation fail frodidsllolol 1.5 BUGGAFIRMWARE

champ213182d ago

well microsoft will be happy charging the developer 3 times over for extra disks.

its how microsofts entire model works, milk anyone anyway possible. Be it the fans, be it the developer lol they dont care.

mario8883182d ago

I think the money that Ms paid for ff13 offset the disk. That what a lot of people don't realize that there is a royalty fee paid on every DVD or Bluray.

DVD is holding this gen back because DEV has to make a decision to either cut the game or pay the royalty fee for the next DVD.

Stinger_2093182d ago

here what a bot would say 'buh buh 3 for the price of 1' lolz

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hay3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

This never gets old.

@below: For most, yeah. I still find it funny.

-MD-3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

When multiple people on multiple websites link the same picture it gets pretty old.

morganfell3182d ago

Gets old? You mean like the "PS3 has no games" and the "PS3 is teh doomed stories"? How about the "Should Sony quit gaming" stories? Wait, even better, let's look more recently about the anti-God of War stories or the "Heavy Rain is bad for gaming/your life/spotted owl/acne/the rainforest" articles..

Guido3182d ago

"Gets old? You mean like the "PS3 has no games" and the "PS3 is teh doomed stories"? How about the "Should Sony quit gaming" stories? Wait, even better, let's look more recently about the anti-God of War stories or the "Heavy Rain is bad for gaming/your life/spotted owl/acne/the rainforest" articles.."


You said it man and I quote it for truth. This is a pathetic shame on MS and their inability to release a quality, future-proof console that is based on innovation and not a quick jump lead in sales. Sony released to us a quality console that has the latest tech in it and it is showing now that it is the console truly worth it's price. Shame on MS for taking the quick way out.

Time Lord3182d ago

in the reviews as it's clearly the inferior version. I won't hold my breath though.

feelintheflow3182d ago

I mean, I know it has never happened in the history of gaming has it. Wow. Some how I seem to remember swapping discs on my ps2 for a few games, or maybe I was dreaming. The only ignorant thing about this is that you can't install the two other discs, now that is retarded. It should be an option. More people would buy the overpriced hard drives so it would be a win for Microsoft. You would think a company like them, that makes money no matter what, would figure that out.

ThanatosDMC3182d ago

Maybe they'll release a patch so gamers can install it. Just like with that witch game on the PS3.

Rampant3182d ago

I don't think they will take off any points from the 360 version. It will be a little worse than the ps3 version, but reviewers normally don't care. It's not like it's Bayonetta PS3 LMFAO

Whitefox7893182d ago

I doubt it will be anything like Bayonetta since SE has been working on FF 13 for more then 5 years I expect it to have efficient programming for the loading of the game :D

AzaziL3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Now that Final Fantasy is no longer an RPG, but a linear Adventure game, you won't have to worry about swapping discs so much.

At least there's Bioware who knows how to deliver the goods without sacrificing quality. Squaresoft, I hate to say it but you have been dethroned and XIII was the nail in the coffin.

bjornbear3182d ago

3 disks...


No towns...


Less content...

What happened to Final Fantasy?

Well, hopefully FFvs13 will do justice for the fans, because this game clearly doesn't =/ especially on the 360

FamilyGuy3182d ago

I'm sorry for my ignorace but what "PS2" games did you have to swap disc on? Personally, I haven't had to swap disc since the PS1 days.

In any case, I don't know why anyone cares the number of disc this game comes on, unless you're a pirate and want to know if it's worth the 3 dual layer disc.

It's on 3 disc, WHO CARES? The only thing we (PS3 gamers) care about is if production of a 360 version of this game really held it back. (most of us still believe it did)

Microsoft Xbox 3603182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

This is the reason why FF13 don't have towns. Fact.

deafwing3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

.... hey gotta do what you gotta do .. baahahahahahaha.

N1 Danteh .. .I needed that after this sh!tty day I had ... LOL

BuZzz Killington3182d ago

cuz theyre going to compare the ps3 version to uncharted 2.....remember guys no matter how better a ps3 multiplat is vs the 360 version, the ps3 will get a lower score cause its judged more anally. the ps3 is like the second born son that has lots of potential so they put really high expectations in them while they just give up on the first born son....

Kevin ButIer3182d ago

3 discs > 1 disc

...oh wait ^^

SniperJDC3182d ago

All I know is that the ps3 fanboys are popping boners over this issue lol. Who cares if it has 3 discs, did you guys complain when ff7 had like 3 or 4 discs...didn't think so. And if it turns out to be a great game, 3 discs shouldn't matter get over it

Alvadr3182d ago

They confirmed about a month ago that they removed a hell of alot of content from FFXIII on both versions. Enough for another game infact.

Its a shame really.

vhero3182d ago

This is why it had no towns??? FFVII had 3 discs and I suppose that had no towns either eh? I too am all for hating MS for paying SE to ruin FFXIII. But some of you guys chat crap.

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K-man003182d ago

I hope it is not that bad for 360 users.

Time Lord3182d ago

in the reviews as in clearly inferior version. I wont hold my breath though.

feelintheflow3182d ago

You act like this is the first time in history that a system has had games on multiple discs. The only problem I have is that you can't put all 3 on your hard drive and then not swap, to me that is stupid.

ThanatosDMC3182d ago

It wont lose any points. They might even call it the superior version.

Whitefox7893182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

At most it will probably be the same case as Modern Warfare, Dead Space, and Devil May Cry 4 it will just look exactly identical to the PS3 version so it gets the same score.

Only time a 360 game lost points was with Dragon Age Origins by like .5 on the review score. Now see this is why I hate numbered reviews why can't we all just use the star system like movies?

vhero3182d ago

some reviewers docks score for ps3 having to install so they should dock for 3 discs but those reviewers are of course 360 biased so I wouldn't hold my breath.

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-MD-3182d ago

10 second swap every 20 hours there is no reason to complain.

techie3182d ago

You may have to swap back to previous DVDs...its been known to happen.

facelike3182d ago

Not just with this game but this issue is going to get worse over time. It will be 3 discs now, then 4 discs, then 4 with a mandatory install and not all 360 owners have hard drives. Microsoft is working on a way around it or doesn't care because of the very soon Natal casual gamer push.

Sarcasm3182d ago

"You may have to swap back to previous DVDs...its been known to happen."

Just like ME2. Please insert Disc 1. WTF. I'm on Disc 2, I thought I was done with Disc 1!

bjornbear3182d ago

more plastic
more pollution

its bad for the enviroment =/

(i'm not joking really is)

bjornbear3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

double post -_- sorry

skwidd3182d ago

Haha. That was a funny/cute/sad comment with your profile pic.

On topic: I guess it's a throwback to the good ol' days. I remember it being kinda charming but painful. I always loved picking up games with more than one CD. It was unheard of and I thought that Im getting my money's worth cuz it's going to be a crazy long game. When it came down to swapping discs though.... :/

Enjoi9151113182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

.....i own both consoles......

put it like this....

no what multiple disc games for the 360 come out for the next 5 years.....the time swapping disc still wont add up to the time i wasted sitting and waiting for my ps3(in the beginning) games to install probably a good 10 hours (if not more) or so ROFL

nothing like getting a new ps3 game at a midnight launch and getting home and waiting a hour to play...FFFFFF THAT!!!!!


....and i will be getting FF for my ps3

vhero3182d ago

"10 second swap every 20 hours there is no reason to complain. " Wow That means 1 disc lasts longer than the entire Mass Effect 2 game that's impressive.

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