Devil May Cry 4 Preview previews Capcom's latest installment in the Devil May Cry series, set for a fall release on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Diselage4138d ago

Looks to be a great game, Still can't believe it's coming to the 360.

Ichabod134138d ago

I never played the original games...what is the play like ?

BBsin4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

well.... it plays like.... ninja gaiden and god of war. The gameplay is not as difficult (usually) as ninja gaiden but the game deals with alot more heavy sloppy action and combos. Basicly you play through a stage killing off badguys and you do combos to them to get red orbs in order to upgrade new skills, weapons and get items. every 3rd-4th stage should come with a boss (or mini-boss). The game is usually quite short (capcom game.. what you expect?), but the replay value is built around new costumes (which alter your performance). Theres alot of gunplay and slashing involved with the game. But take note this isn't going to be like dynasty warriors where you can press one button and hack and slash your way to the final boss of the game. You'll have to learn to dodge and see patterns especially vs bosses.... download the videos at just about any site, you'll see what i mean... and that is how it plays ina nutshell.
But. id recommend you play DMC 1&3 (dont waste your money and time wtih 2) on the PS2 before you get DMC4, so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

Ichabod134138d ago

I can't play on my caught on fire and almost burned down the apartment at the time. ;P

Satanas4138d ago

"The game is expected to be ready for a Fall 2007 release date."

Is this really true? I'm glad that some great games are showing up post-summer, but I don't have the money for them all!

Devilbringer4138d ago

I have loved all the dmc games and yes Even the Second! and i belive this fourth installment will be very good. But one think thats til bother me is that its comming for the 360 too -.- i mean all the good games have been working out on the ps2 and now this Awesome game is comming next gen. and now the xbox gets it just cause bill gates use plenty of milions, just so ps3 loose another exclusive. i would understand id they maked the 360 versjon some time afer the ps3 but noo. bill gate have alot of money make it in same time like the ps3 . Capcom just say $$$$ gief money yeee. it dosent surprice if the 360 versjon get another playable character cause MS just toss some $$ to capcom. i go make a som tea now...

nanometric4138d ago

And before any of 360fans start yellin at Devilbringer -"Why shoudn't they, xbox has a 10mil userbase, unlike PS3, so thats why Capcom is jumping the ship etc." remember GTAIV 50mil for exclusive download, M$ is just trying to win it's competition by buying everyone.

TheMART4138d ago

First off

50 million for GTA 2 episodic content = not official
Second, yup there are developers that see the installed userbase and do things without payment of MS. Like they did on PS2 last gen.

Third: does it really matter? The 360 gets best parts of games, paid or not. That's the reality.

nanometric4138d ago

Guess from whom they will get they're money back.

Devilbringer4138d ago

ye you just said my point =)


This is a little biased, but I was more excited when I thought it was exclusive, but since its not, it made me kind of lose excitement for the game. Its still going to be good, but you know you get kind of selfish with your systems exclusive games, you want to be able to boast about its library, untill your able to buy both.