Kutaragi To Headline TGS

Ken Kutaragi is going to bring the message home himself at the Tokyo Game Show. Sony Computer Entertainment's president will be heading off the show this year, delivering a keynote address titled "Next Generation Entertainment Made by the PS3."

Joining Kutaragi will be Square Enix president Yoichi Wada. Wada will be addressing the crowd as his alter ego, the chairman of TGS organizer Computer Entertainment Software Association (CESA), and will give a speech titled "The Game Industry's Potential and Problems."

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shotty5407d ago

Booed off stage. Ouch!

Marriot VP5407d ago

nah, don't be such a downer. It'd be more like a light applause and upset faces.

joemutt5407d ago

"Potential" Hasn't he said with the PS3 you are paying for potential?!?!

"Problems" Hasn't the PS3 been plagued with problems?!?!

Looks like the title sums it up nicely.

kingboy5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

he maybe boring but his father to the playstation..the take over is coming sept!
1-controller rumble`s now
2-More and More hit tittles and exclusives
3-price cut
watch`s business


if they cut the price and add rumble i would be impressed. that would actually be a step in the right direction...

andy capps5406d ago

Haha this is one of the few times that I agree with you. I enjoy watching him because he's so funny and seems like he's in his own little world. At the one time I respect him because of what's he's done for the Playstation brand, and because of his vision. The problem is that he's an engineer at heart and his visions are sometimes unrealistic and he tends to speak in the same way. Should be an interesting event, I would bet that he has some more surprises up his sleeve. Adding rumble back in and reducing the price would be welcome. Showing Killzone 2 gameplay, MGS4 gameplay, FF XIII gameplay, etc would all help to correct their image. Basically, they need to write his script, keep out all the crazy stuff, show some great games and prove to people why the console is worth $600, and have him read his speech from a teleprompter.

the_bebop5406d ago

let's all just cross our fingers and pray he doesn't say anything to give the media or the fanboys ammo.

And hopfull they wil cut the price.

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The story is too old to be commented.