Current Apps That Will Rock On the iPad


Do a search for iPad and you'll be swarmed with coverage surrounding Apple's recently announced device. The news is out, and the endless banter is in. Whether they were expecting the all-in-one answer to their every need or just hoping for a simple camera to be on-board, peoples overwhelming response seems to be that of disappointment. And we're not saying we weren't expecting a little more to come out from behind closed Cupertino doors.

That being said, the iPad does stand to be a pretty cool addition to the App Store world. So we put on our optimism caps and set out to ponder the apps that get us excited about the iPad all over again. We've come up with a few. But rather than simply theorizing or talking about them, we wanted to actually show them running on the upcoming tablet. So here are the apps and why we are dying to use them on the iPad.

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