Mike Wang Reunites With 2K Sports

A big development in NBA gaming today as the lead gameplay designer of NBA Live has left EA Sports and gone to 2K Sports to work on NBA 2K11. Mike Wang had previously worked on the NBA 2K series before going to EA for one year.

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Lacarious3180d ago

Good to know that EA is still a complete mess. I can only hope that all the bad ideas catches up to them enough to crumble the choke hold on innovation in all areas of their games.

I truly hope that if the NFL has a no cap season... that 2K can make a NFL game with NFL players.

Dellis3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

WOW lol, I remember EA fanboys saying "oh wow Live was amazing thanks to Mike", well he is gone now, LIVE 11=TRASH confirmed LOL!