Call Of Duty 4: Lighting and Effects Video Interview brings you more interesting information about Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in the form of a Lighting and Effects Interview. Check it out.

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tony4138d ago

the more i see of this game the more convinced i'm that this game could be in the top 5 of this year repertoire.

Crazyglues4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

This game is going to be number one, without question for 2007 it will be the game that defines Next Gen Gaming.

If it comes out Nov. 07 as planned there will be nothing that can stop it's success. No other Game will offer what COD4: Modern Combat has to offer. The game truly looks amazing.

I'm am pretty sure they will get the sound right too! it's something that all the Call of duty's has always had, and that sound really pulls you into the battle. This game will do huge numbers... Mark my words..

It is what the gaming world has be waiting for. Prepare yourself because once this game comes out, it's going to be hard to find a reason why your not playing it.

I am just hoping for a Special Edition Package with something cool in the box, like Dog tags you can wear around your neck, and a key that looks like the honda car key to open the special box it will come in.

Now that's how you do a limited edition. Anyway my money is already set aside for this one, just based off of that one trailer showing game play. That's all they needed to show me, I'm ready to buy right Now! Just give me a buy right now button after the trailer and they can have my money.

djtek1844138d ago

i was never really into the Call of Duty series,but after seeing this video i will definitely check this one out.

Blackmoses4138d ago

i wasn't expecting that...not that!!!!
This is just jaw dropping. I mean the night vision scene with all the laser sighting hovering all over the place....just insane.

pLaystation4138d ago

You Know what i just noticed that ever since that Killzone E3 trailer was up (yea that infamous one) every game is trying to copy some aspects of the trailer kinda funny to me, like some of the animations example this video u notice the guy wave his hand (telling em come this way or something) go look back at the trailer for killzone you will notice alot of things that are being incorporated into games that are coming out now... lol

Cartesian3D4138d ago

cant wait

CoD for ever.. ( not WW2 forever plz thx activision )

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