Microsoft intros SideWinder X4 gaming keyboard

With a growing affinity for gaming and media-related hardware, Microsoft has introduced the SideWinder X4 keyboard. Redmond claims the SideWinder X4 gives gamers more control over their gaming experience with the "industry's most advanced anti-ghosting technology."

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Pandamobile3234d ago

Doesn't look like a bad keyboard. I like my LCD keyboards too much to really use anything ever again :P

toaster3234d ago

Yeah, MS doesn't really pull me in with their products. I'm rolling a G15 kb and a G5 mouse. I've had them since they released and no problems so far. My G15 Rev2 works wonders right now and I'm saving up for a G19. I love my LCD's.

Pandamobile3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Yeah, I frickin love my G15. I'm still rocking an old MX 518 mouse, too :)

Come to think of it, almost every computer peripheral I have is Logitech :\

Mouse, keyboard, headphones, mic, speakers, gamepad...