Mass Effect on PS3 ?

Does PC version of Mass Effect contains evidence of PS3 version?
Today my communicator brought me a message from my buddy containing this:

m_srSpendTalentPointsMessagePS3=?348755 <<<<
m_srParagonRenegadeMessagePS3=15?3007 <<<<

For the uninitiated, the above is a source of code from PC version of new Bioware creation.
Does this mean that the PS3 version will be released later? (Temporary exclusively for Xbox 360 and PC?)Do work on port for PS3 were discontinued?

OR are those only remains of the Multi-platform game engine (which is contradicted by a fairly accurate command names like "ParagonRenegadeMessage" - Paragon and Ranegade are the status of reputation for our characters.
I got this strange filling that the Shepard is closer to the PS3 than we all think. What is your opinion ?

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Digitaldude3232d ago

Very interesting...
Is a good possibly, like Bioshock.

LordMarius3232d ago

I wish these developers wouldn't toy with us, what does exclusivity mean nowadays? :/

Greywulf3232d ago

It means MS paid to claim "exclusive" for a few months.

Jamegohanssj53232d ago

Just look at the box of the first one compared to this one.


Anon19743232d ago

Having worked a little with the Unreal Engine, I know there's default code related to the PS3 throughout. This could just be left over code.

That being said, we know Bioware has had PS3 developers for some time now that worked on Dragon Age, and given EA's tendencies to encourage multiplat games, I always assumed that it would only be a matter of time until Mass Effect made it's way onto the PS3. Probably the only reason it hasn't already is due to some old agreement that Bioware and Microsoft had prior to EA getting involved.

Rush3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

You know what I give up carry on with your silly fanboy garbage.

Dutch Boogie3232d ago

Meh people need to stop living in denial. As of now all recent sources and rumors point to a ps3 version sometime in the year. I'd say as of right now there is a 70% chance of ME2 ending up on the ps3.

The fact that Bioware clarified the ability to play ME2 without having played the first one also points to a multiplat (console) release.

Personally i wouldn't mind playing it to see what the fuss is about.

ReservoirDog3163232d ago

Hmm, that does sound a lot like Bioshock. Hmm.

Well, I guess we'll just see huh? Probably in a few months.

Immortal Kaim3232d ago

I think it would be great for Mass Effect 1 & 2 to get a release on the PS3, everyone needs a chance to play these fantastic games.

siliticx3232d ago

Considering EA has a bigger portion of its profits coming from the PS3(around 120% more last year), that is very doubtful.

Rush3232d ago

Didn't Microsoft Studios have something have there name on the case of the first game. So its unlikely BioWare can release it on the PS3 without some sort of nod from Microsoft.

Although am just guessing really BioWare could have complete ownership of everything in the original. But with Microsoft's name on the case it seems unlikely.

PirateThom3232d ago

"Microsoft Game Studios" also had their name on Ninja Gaiden II. Publisher doesn't matter if they don't own the IP. EA own the Mass Effect IP.

Saaking3232d ago

It's EA, the game sells a lot. What do you think is gonna happen? My guess is, that an already multiplat game might as well to PS3 to.

Whoooop3232d ago

Rush, if you mean the "Only on XBOX 360" logo on the case then that's really nothing concrete as Bioshock, Lost Planet and a few others that released on the PS3, had it.

3232d ago
Lightsaber3232d ago

seriously give it up already fanboys. This is as bad as the MGS4 coming to the 360

Immortal Kaim3232d ago

Microsoft's involvement in the first Mass Effect was strictly a publishing deal, after the EA acquisition of Bioware, EA obviously published the second game. EA could simply publish the game on the PS3 if they wanted to.

Anyway mate, don't let the fanboys get you down. I can see by your comments that you hate the petty bickering here as much as myself, I'm choosing to ignore them now, I don't converse with morons. :)

s8anicslayer3232d ago

I would expect to see an announcement at E3, maybe sooner

quadalupeupe3232d ago

Why are you surprised when people say Microsoft paid developers?

they did it with Grand Theft Auto, lost and damn and ballad of gay tony $50 million for almost 1 year of exclusivity

these aren't 1st party devs, these are 3rd party

It hurts gamers overall, 3rd party would have been released to all platforms if M$ didn't write cheques to put that games on hold

Dutch Boogie3232d ago

"Microsoft Game Studios" also had their name on Star Ocean:The Last Hope then look what happened. People need to relies that when M$ says their games are exclusive, there are not to be trusted completely.

Now in Sony's case the words "EXCLUSIVE" stands as what it is. Thus the argument of most 360 gamers in denial about the term "CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE" being a made up make believe reassurance argument.

SilentNegotiator3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

"Yeah because MS has to pay for everything, nothing to do with the fact multiplat software sales on the 360 are the highest this generation."

So they wouldn't go with making MORE money with a Ps3 version? Oh yeah! That make's sense!

BTW, Mass Effect 1 and 2 are © 2003-2008 and © 2010 EA International. The IP is owned by EA.

The 360 is the console of temporary (and/or Console) exclusives. Bioshock, GTA4 content, Ninja Gaiden....Mass Effect on PS3 is inevitable, really.

GrandTheftZamboni3232d ago

If it comes to PS3 I hope it doesn't take too long. When Bioshock came to 360, I wished I could play it on PS3, but when it was finally released a year later, I wasn't as excited anymore and I picked it up on sale.

raztad3232d ago

If true it's a good news for PS3 only owners that dont own a decent enough PC. I would never pay ME full price on the PS3 while Steam has it for some few bucks.

Now a bundle (ME 1&2) for just $60 can get me onboard.

Rush3232d ago

Yeah your right I shouldn't bother trying to fix this broken community, has nothing to do with me.

I guess I will just chat to the actually gamers in "gamer zone" not that there's many left...

Marceles3232d ago

The sad thing is watch the PS3 version get a lower score for a dumb reason

"great game but...we've seen it before. 7/10"

mal_tez923232d ago

Mass Effect 1 & 2 on the same disc.
I don't think it'll have extra features like the PS3 bioshock did, but it would be nice if it does.

mikeslemonade3232d ago

I guess I can wait for the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 because Bayonetta took way longer that I thought to complete it. I just completed it on normal and it took me like 20 hours.

TheDudeAbides3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Im beggin you Bioware, give it to PS3 players

Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 on one disc :D

pixelsword3232d ago

...I will wait until faith is made sight.

Alvadr3232d ago

Patience, it will come to the PS3 eventually. Just no time soon.

Sarcasm3232d ago

If it does come to PS3 with extras, I'd buy it again. For now, enjoying it very very much on the 360.

Perkel3232d ago

it's UE 3 engine people. Nothing new.

UE 3 engine from the start is multiplatform....

FamilyGuy3232d ago

Is this code from Mass Effect 1 or 2 because if it's from it means nothing as they might have scraped the idea of porting late into production and simply left the line on code there. On the other hand if this is code from ME2 then that means something.

Still not interested in this game though. I guess I'm not into western rpgs, especially if they're in the form of a shooter.

vhero3232d ago

Bioshock did the same and came out on PS3 some time later I think this is very similar.

LoVeRSaMa3232d ago

I don't expect it, but it would be nice..

I am 75% through the story on PC at the moment =]

solidt123232d ago

Yep PS3 Bioshock was discovered the same way with the PC code when they were still denying it. The sad thing about releasing games later on the PS3 is that sells suffer because alot of people have both consoles or PC already and will have already played the game. So they have to hope that there are alot of PS3 only gamers out there when the game launches months later. Sells could be at least 50% better on the PS3 if the game would of came out the same day as the 360 and PC version.

sikbeta3232d ago

You can BUY and PLAY ME2 for PC if you don't want to wait for a Bioshock or Ninja Gaiden Treatment in order to play:

Mass Effect Sigma 2 for PS3


LONEWOLF2313232d ago

Left over code or not they do need to release this for the PS3!
If they do, this move will generate more money, MONEY which by the way can be used towards a release of a new Starwars the Old Republic!

thesummerofgeorge3232d ago

Hey no one's forcing you to be here man. Of coarse there are a sh!t ton of fanboys all over the net, believe it or not, you don't have to take it to heart. But what's the point in coming here and commenting only to collectively insult everyone at n4g?

The Happy Baby3232d ago

that ME would have happened on PS3 by now, if it was going to happen at all.

gaffyh3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

I'd buy it again for PS3 if it came out (and imo this pretty much confirms it), about 23 hours in to the game on 360 and I love it.

Christopher3232d ago

It would only make BioWare more money in the end. I know I'd buy it for the PS3 if I had the option. Until then, I'll continue enjoying it on my PC.

Tapewurm3232d ago

I thought that the PS3 collector's edition of Dragon Age came with an Armor Code for Mass Effect 2....that should be proof enough that it will eventually come to PS3..... maybe :)

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Nitrowolf23232d ago

no way in telling if this is real or not, but if it is, then this is strong evidence

-Alpha3232d ago

I would love to play it on my PS3.

Just really want to see what all this hype is about, and I am starving for RPGs.

Demon's Souls is plenty enough for me, but I want Moar!

rhood0223232d ago

IF real, this is akin to the Bioshock PS3 code found in the PC version of the game.

2k denied and denied it...until it came.

El_Colombiano3232d ago

2K was like, no! no! no! NO! NO!...and then it came.

badz1493232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

you were like describing a "reverse" porn! LOL! NO...NO...NO...AHHHHH...

DaTruth3232d ago

Or very, very, very bad and evil porn!

Mista T3232d ago

props for this being found, I guess there will be a PS3 version.

I guess it's time now for PS3 only owners to celebrate for getting this great game on there system

ThaGeNeCySt3232d ago

no need to celebrate, they've played it on their uber pc's already lol

snp3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

no need to celebrate, they've played it on their uber pc's already lol

Think you missed this bit "for PS3 only owners to celebrate". That 'only' suggests non ps3+Pc or ps3+360, i reckon.

I love the way it's always either/or on this topic (from the opposing camp). Either no ps3 owners also own decent pc's, or all ps3 owners own decent pc's (when 'some' with decent pc's get irked at being told they couldn't possibly own both a ps3 and a decent pc).

The truth - that some do, some don't - can never just be left as is, for some strange reason (your 'lol' notwithstanding).

LordMarius3232d ago

I wouldn't complain if A$$ defect came to the PS3 :|

Chubear3232d ago

You don't have to complain cause it IS coming.

ME1&2 and ALL their DLC on one Blu-ray disc for the Christmas season.

Saaking3232d ago

I would die of laughter if ME did come to the PS3. The bots' best exclusive multiplat (lol, see how stupid that sounds) gone. hahahaha!

Chubear3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Well Saking, prepare your coffin cause not only is ME being announced for the PS3 this year but so is Splinter Cell.

Just can't wait to see all the comments like "*quivering lips* well, it's a great game that every gamer should experience.. be a gamer not a hater :( :( :( *breaks into deep sobbing*" LOL!

Ohhhh, I shall bath in the tears I tell ya lol

Udidntlistenpunk3232d ago

I mean, lets face it. Its Electronic Arts. Not only does EA not do exclusive games, they are also PS3 supporters.

The facts are clear. Certain games do sell 3-5 million on 360 but overall, most games across many genres are sold MORE on the PS3. This is why all 3rd party developers, bar a few, earn more money on the PS3 than on the 360.

You just dont hear about that because xbots like to play with the sales numbers discriminately (when it sells, they use it as argument - when it doesnt sell, they stop mentioning it. Its fking bullshiat but than again, its xbots).

360 has no games. Xbots are the biggest jokes this gen.

Bill Gates3232d ago

This would really be the last nail on the coffin.....AAAHAHHAHHAHA

Dev8 ing3232d ago

EA and Bioware would be idiots not to port the game. With the great metacritic score and all the buzz it has it could easily make them more money.

Trebius3232d ago

Hell my brother hasnt played the games yet so he may end up getting it on the PS3 anyway when it releases.

This is literally the ONLY "exclusive" 360 has that is worth anything. Get your hands on it if not for PC, on PS3 when it releases.

EA wont sleep on the chance to sell another 3-5 million copies...they're out to make money, exclusive isnt in their Vocab.

Comet3232d ago

I freakin' pirated the game from
I love how I can play all the multiplats that XBots call exclusives on my new Sony VAIO ;D

But then again, if it comes with the DLC on blu-ray... I'll buy it for my PS3 as well and play the game again on another class I guess...

PHIL893232d ago

Your one of "those" Marius?

PostApocalyptic3231d ago

Some where some place, Bill Gates is getting butt hurt about his "exclusive" plan.

Why does Bill Gates have to pay people to like him?

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