Capcom: Monster Hunter Tri Aims For Highest Graphical Quality On Wii

The Monster Hunter franchise initially started out on the PlayStation 2, then moved over to the portable domain with the PlayStation Portable, where it cemented its place as a huge hit in Japan.

However, for Monster Hunter Tri, Capcom decided to move away from Sony platforms, and produce the game for the Wii, despite many fans craving a HD version of their beloved game.

Bearing this in mind, the producer of the Monster Hunter franchise, Ryozo Tsujimoto, still believes they should be proud of the game's graphical accomplishments...

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ShawnCollier3207d ago

The game sure looks impressive for the Wii.

qface643207d ago

it wont have the highest graphics quality on the wii its usually always a first party game that really pushes a system

Double Toasted3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago ) technical as what High Voltage's engine has done on the Wii.

asdr3wsfas3207d ago

The quantum engine had great specular effects but some of the textures seemed like they ran out of ram. Remember the computers in the infirmary?

The grinder looks great though, can't wait for it.

pangitkqb3207d ago

Aside from Mario Galaxy and the Conduit the Wii hasn't had many visual stunners this gen.

Don't get me wrong, I've played a slew of fun and entertaining titles, just a dearth of games that really push the system technically.

FamilyGuy3207d ago

They could do a straight port from the Wii version to the PS3 and I'd be happy. HD would be nice but it ain't mandatory. Make it the wii game price $50-$40 and no harm no foul.

PS3 NEEDS Monster hunter. (fine, maybe not "need" but we want it too)

PlainOldGamer3207d ago

This game looks so good! I can't wait for this!

rockleex3207d ago

By making Monster Hunter 4 for the PS3. >:D

asdr3wsfas3207d ago

Guys, they canned ps3 development cause they didn't have the cash for it. It's not likely.

Why not just buy a wii used? They're 150 dollars and mine came with about 100 in wiiware and channels. Trade some games toward it in a gamestop deal or something. This year has so many awesome wii games you'd be silly not to.

hatchimatchi3207d ago

"I still haven't seen any game... technical as what High Voltage's engine has done on the Wii."

one can only hope and pray to god that the conduit doesn't remain the crowning achievement for (some) wii owners.

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Nitrowolf23207d ago

this game looks really good, the graphics surprise me for the wii

mephman3207d ago

Yea, although the co-op mode isn't as impressive.

Myst3207d ago

It can do that all it wants, as long as the monsters will put up one helluva fight!

Though good to know that Capcom will try to up the ante and hopefully other developers will follow this and try to achieve the highest if Capcom have not achieved the highest already with this game.

3207d ago
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