Analyst urges Sony to shun PS3 comparison with PC

Japanese electronics giant Sony should stay away from comparing the Playstation 3 with the ubiquitous personal computer if it is to survive the game console wars, according to game industry analysts from DFC Intelligence.

In a report, DFC Intelligence rebuffed statements from Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Chief Executive and the original developer of the Playstation Ken Kutaragi who said that the 600-US-dollar PS3 is more like a PC and a home theater system than just a game console.

Kutaragi claimed in previous statements that the PS3 is capable of upgrade parts, particularly the removable hard disk. Kutaragi had even compared the PS3 with Apple, which price their products higher than ordinary computers even if these use the same parts.

However, DFC Intelligence pointed out that the problem with such a strategy is that prices of upgrade parts do not come down as fast as stand-alone game consoles, which depreciate over time.

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achira5415d ago

didt sony say computer and not pc ? this is a difference.

jedicurt5415d ago

yes they did say computer and not pc, and this is also from the same group of analyst who just 2 years ago, said that the PC as we knew it was a dead technology and that something new and inovative needed to step up

clayton5415d ago

Your an idiot, a pc is a personal computer. The gaystation is a weak ass media center.

achira5414d ago

you are the idiot, they never sayed pc they sayed computer you fool. thats a huge difference.


maybe they should call it the PC3

Silent5415d ago

Shoot $600 for PS3 and it does all that. I want one now.

Dragonopolis5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

Technically a calculator is a computer. Computer is a Computational device. Sony did go to great lenghts to not affiliate themselves with the PC but to be honest, as a gamer, which would you prefer. A $500 - $600 Computer that does video, help organize your photos, surf net, music, help you write a report, do some spreadsheet work but has only so-so gaming ability OR do you want a $500 - $600 Computer that gives awesome gaming, video, photo, surf net, music but gives me tolerable word/data functionality.

People of the world we want Sony AND Microsoft AND even Nintendo to start heading this direction. Why? because as we have been learning from watching PS3 or Xbox 360 games mature is that PCs are really overprice graphically.

We must face the facts that eventually Consoles are going to be indistinguishable from PCs. Kudos for Sony to already see that coming. It's won't stop at consoles either. I believe that 20 years down the road you won't be buying a TV set you will be buying a PC - that is a PC that is built into the Television that will let you do everthing that we use to do on our PCs.

Even if it doesn't all come true, if consoles can give us gaming, surfing, video and photo, music then they are covering about 70-80% of what we really use our PCs for anyways.

Maybe even help keep the PC makers a bit more honest in their Pricing.

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