E3 07: What To Expect

GameDaily Reports:

Despite this year's E3 being as organized as a group of unattended third graders, video game publishers will still find ways to wow audiences and outdo the competion. Then again, considering some of their recent performances, the big show may spell disaster if they don't get their acts together. Here's a list of the big players and what we expect from them.

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MrTeenie4139d ago

After looking over that, it only has GTA IV listed under Microsoft... is it just me or isn't that also coming to the PS3? They not like Microsoft is gonna be a strength with GTA IV... Playstation has had the GTA series way longer then xbox.

ArduousAndy4139d ago

i know we (360 users) are getting the episodic stuff but as far as the game its going to ps3 as well.

Do not know why he's mentioning it as only 360. Maybe its because 360 camp has the biggest stake from it (50 mil worth)

Maddens Raiders4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

E3'07 = KILLZONE II vs. Halo 3 and Nintendo in the corner with a coy grin.

Edit:[@quackpot]- hey man you're being very literal and close-minded on this one bud. You see if the KZ II graphics look anywhere near where Phil, and Guerilla devs, Jack, etc... you know that, "it might actually look as good as the trailer and in some instances, better...."

Keep your eyes on the prize

Sorry quackpot, but the much bigger picture here points to the comparison of these two (almost mythical-like) foes. Graphics, Polish, Interface, Gameplay, Sound, -- I mean these two games (if KZII's really shown) will be compared spec by spec and if those guys I just mentioned are right, then get ready for a whole new paradigm shift in the way people think about this franchise (KZII) and console. 120 developers ~ $50 million budgets and a staff working on this thing for over three years, I think they really have something here. We've all seen the front end of Halo3 and know it will rec'v a good amount of polish before launch. I think everyone would have to admit that it brings out that "little boy excitement" in all of us to maybe see these two go at it comparatively and to do it now on the two nex-gens is gonna be fabulous.
It's going to be fun to see SNE genuinely enter the "Halo killer" onto the stage this time even though they tend not to paint it as such.

The Buzz Factor
On the other hand KZII could fall flat on its face and just flop like Manu Ginobili in the lane, (doubt it) giving H3 the "buzz" factor victory after the event. I think if both games are shown and it's full on real time footage, gameplay w/e then they'll both have a CONSIDERABLE anount of buzz following the show. Believe me, this is what people are watching for, although in a literal sense I know exactly what you are saying about the cross plat. factor.


QuackPot4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Halo 3 and KZ2 are exclusive to their respective console - u can't play either on both machines. So they aren't competing against each other.

Haze(2007) vs KZ2 - yes
Haze(2008) vs Halo 3 - yes.
Halo 3 vs KZ2 - no.

And if you have both consoles you'll buy both games anyway so there's no competition.

sonarus4139d ago

Maybe GTA has the 360 as lead platform or maybe they are referring to the new episodic content. I like the way they said sony really needs to turn the most heads this E3. They seriously underestimated microsoft and this has cost them big. I expect to see some killer games at E3 games we havnt seen before games that will show the superiority of blu ray over everything else

ChickeyCantor4139d ago

we all know nintendo is doing their presentation different..would be nice if sony and MS did the same.

cant w8

Xi4139d ago

I'm expecting some great CGI.

BitbyDeath4139d ago

That's probably what everyone will be saying after seeing Killzone in realtime.

ZOMGLAWFBBQ it's not real

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