David Jaffe Confirms New Space in Utah

What's David Jaffe up to these days? If Jaffe's hints are to be believed, the designer's establishing a studio of his own. The God of War and Calling All Cars mastermind pasted pictures from a busted up warehouse space last week under the tag of "coming soon," but has remained silent until today, where he mentioned he'd start talking about the mysterious space "very soon."

He did, however, confirm the pictures are from a location in Utah. Given Jaffe's past, this makes sense. Incognito, the studio currently working on the in-beta Warhawk and where Jaffe rocketed his design career with the Twisted Metal series, is headquartered in Utah. Jaffe's most recent collaboration with Incognito was over the PlayStation Network title Calling All Cars, which arrived online last month.

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MK_Red4191d ago

Is he still with Sony or has he gone natural/independent?

Phantom_Lee4191d ago

he is still with Sony...he said that he will always work with Sony in his interview from

I just want a new Twist Metal Black.....

THE_JUDGE4190d ago

Sony is going to give him his own studio. There's no confirmation that this IS his own studio. For all we know Sony could have paid for it. And totally agree with the fact that we need a new TM game.

BlackIceJoe4190d ago

I wish Jaffe the best of luck with his new Studio. Jaffe has made some really nice games/franchises in the past and I hope to see many more great games come out of this. He has made a great racing game in the past (Jet Moto) to more bigger titles like God of War, Plus He has also made a nice casual game ( Calling all Cars). So with a Studio of his own He really could have a lot to work with be it a hardcore game or more or casual game. So I for one can't wait to see what comes out of this.