Crysis 2 among the best looking games on any platform, first details arrive

TVGB: "The game takes place three years after the first game in a devastated New York City where, Crytek says, players will experience plenty of surprises as well as a deeper storyline than the studio's previous games have offered."

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MetalGearRising3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

The magazine was shown the Xbox 360 version of the game and it looked good; among the best looking games available on any system, they in fact say.

Bu bu bu GOW3, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2

Bu bu bu we have Blu-Ray and the Cell.

Bu bu bu they only have DVD.

Microsoft setting the 'graphics bar' this generation. Don't worry u ps3 droids u lot will get a decent PORT.

trancefreak3180d ago

dude u need speech therapy with that stuttering problem there forest gump!!!

Pandamobile3180d ago

What does this have to do with Microsoft, it's an EA-published game...

Shadow Man3180d ago

I like the sound of that, I'm gonna be using that from now on.

GiantEnemyBOT3180d ago

Too bad that it's a blatant lie. But whatever makes you happy.

ClownBelt3180d ago

Let the bots believe what they want to believe. If they want to live in their Lala land let them.

keysy4203180d ago

in other words they are saying we pushed the 360 but we cant match ps3 exclusives

KingKiff3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Lol its a PC game the console ports will suck...

All you will get is a crappy "PORT' with low graphics and no AA settings, enjoy your crap idiot...

get a PC...

Or maybe a life/girlfirend... LOLZ at you

EDIT: as for Microsoft setting the 'graphics bar' this generation, do you think before you type at all??? It is made by Crytek MS have nothing to do with this game other than taking royalties for idiots like you who buy it... Again you are a looser, grow up...

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SOAD3180d ago

If that was the 360 version, then I am very impressed.

I used to criticize Crytek for not being able to optimize their code, which was why Crysis required beast PCs to run it.

But it looks like developing the game on consoles has forced Crytek to really work harder at refining the engine code.

Blaze9293180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Wow that's crazy...I thought the 360 was maxed out :/

Noooo wait...nvm, it was mindless fanboys saying that. Of course, listen to the developers - not fanboys Blaze doh!

commodore643180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

yep, it is the 360 version.

"The magazine was shown the Xbox 360 version of the game and it looked good; among the best looking games available on any system"

This is great news for 360 owners as it is further proof that the 360 can and does produce top-notch graphics even in 2010.

RememberThe3573180d ago

The 360 can put out much more then we have seem. It's too bad that MS can't take advantage of their own console. Oh well, Crytek's got your back to show you how it's done.

Myze3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

The game may or may not end up being the best for each platform (doubt it for consoles, but never know, probably will for PC). However, the magazine scans ( http://forums.pureoverclock... ) are not directly taken from in-game unless the game somehow turned into a mixed fps-tps-rts since the first one. They are either complete bullshots (doubt it, may be touched up though), taken from a cutscene, or rendered separately for the magazine. The last of those is probably the most likely, and if it is the case, it may very well be in game, but it is also specifically rendered for a still shot. Don't take this the wrong way, as I am looking forward to see what Crytek can do, but I'm not gonna get overly excited one way or the other till gameplay video is released.

Blaze9293180d ago

Supposedly Microsoft is working on something called an X-Engine:

BuZzz Killington3180d ago

disclaimer: i am not saying the graphics arent better then anything out there but i am saying i wont believe what some guy says , i will wait before i personally see some video evidence before i go on roof tops saying i told you so like blaze......

none of you have any video evidence to prove that the 360 version is anything better than what weve already seen yet your already trying to use this magazines thoughts on this game with no visual evidence as proof the 360 isnt maxed....let me guess your prob christian too cuz you obviously believe what you read and dont care about visual not saying this magazine is lying im just saying ill believe it when i see it for myself.....the only person you can trust is yourself....but hey if you wanna put all your faith in what this magazine says then go for it it obviously is what you wanted to hear... even if this guy said the ps3 version was better or something along the lines of that id still rather see it for myself.....before i go around debunking peoples thoughts and opinions with only but some guys opinion as and your bold statements...your a younger version of hip hop gamer or pachter..saying crap that you actually have no real proof for but other peoples opinions....yeah cuz you know devs never lie to get good pr sorry blaze not all devs are as stupid as square enix and say they didnt do stuff cuz it was too hard for them......

SOAD3180d ago

What the hell is wrong with you?

Are you one of those guys on the other end up the spectrum? You know, you got guys who can't stop talking about how much they love Jesus, and then you got guys like yourself who can't go five minutes without bashing someone's religion.

I don't know which one is more annoying, but you can rest assured you're as despicable as they come.

JonnyBadfinger3180d ago

The longer a console is out the better the graphics will get... thats just a fact. If the developer is willing to put the time and effort into constantly pushing and pushing the graphics and inventing new compression techniques these consoles (360 and PS3) could last a very long time.

It only becomes maxed out once they stop trying...

That would explain why UC2 graphics were so damn good, because Naughty Dog actually put time and effort into developing a game engine that was like that of no other... and it clearly shows. The PS3 doesnt get the credit for UC2 graphics, Naughty Dog does.

SaberEdge3180d ago

Exactly. It is the developer that pushes the console and either creates something beautiful or something more average.

The PS3 has ostensibly been tapped out, even by Naughty Dog's own admission, but with new programming techniques I am sure there will be future Ps3 games that squeeze a bit more out.

The Xbox 360 is no different. In fact, there have never really been any developers that have pushed it as hard as the PS3 has been pushed by Naughty Dog and Guerrilla. Hearing this about Crysis 2 on Xbox 360 being "among the best looking games available on any system" doesn't entirely surprise me. I know somebody who has seen Rage running on a 360 and he assures me that it will blow people away and set a new benchmark for console graphics.

Ghostsmoker3180d ago

Obviously only blind Fanboys say that. Wait for Halo: Reach or Gears 3 and you want to "Jump In".

SilentNegotiator3179d ago

It's funny how excited people get over little magazine pictures...

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led10903180d ago

i just hope they optimize the PC version this time

Dev8 ing3179d ago

What has kept me from playing the game is that people have told me there isn't much to like about the game besides the graphics. That and I haven't seen it on sale for cheaper than #30.

led10903179d ago

It sold arnd 2.5 million copies and has a metacritic average of 9.2. And as far as personal opinion goes its an amazing game give it a try. It is one of the better PC games out there.

-Alpha3180d ago

Crysis is a technical marvel and I expect it to really push the limits for consoles with Crysis 2.

I wonder though if the 360 and PS3 versions are going to have radical differences.

Pandamobile3180d ago

Kind of a stupid tag line considering Crysis is STILL the best looking game on ANY playform; and should be assumed that it's sequel will top it and remain number one in terms of graphics.

PshycoNinja3180d ago

That's debatable. Which is why no one declares the "best looking game of all time!" because everyone has their own opinions.

Pandamobile3180d ago

People can debate the graphical style they like best, but I mean actual graphics (i.e, texture resolution, shader quality, geometry count, post processing quality, dynamic shadow quality, ect). People can like Killzone 2's dark and gritty style over Crysis' vibrant tropical style, but at the end of the day, Crysis' graphics are still a mile ahead in most areas.

RememberThe3573180d ago

But there is also the issue that the PC gives you an endless obis of potential. Someone else could make an engine that looks even better but would it really be a technical marvel? I think the real technical marvel would be getting Crysys to run on max settings on current gen consoles :) I can wish can't I?

FragGen3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

You know, I played Crysis after all the hype had ended and I was struck by two things:

1. It was a much better GAME than I expected.
2. The graphics prowess of the engine seems WAY over hyped.

It's a great looking engine, sure, but it really wasn't like "oh wow these GFX are amazing! W00t!!?$!". If I hadn't have known it was supposed to be a technical marvel and someone had told me after the fact I would have been like "Seriously? That's THE best PC game graphics ever? Huh. Yeah, I guess it is pretty sweet.".

Even if it's TECHNICALLY much better it didn't translate into tons of tangible, noticeable improvement for me personally. It seems more like the type of thing that gives guys who benchmark their system as much as the use them a hard-on rather than some revolutionary thing.

And yes, I played it at high detail levels. That's why I waited to even get it, I didn't purchase until I had upgraded my gaming PC to more cutting edge machine.

Arnon3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Here's a few screenshots taken from my game. To me, they exceed everything I've seen so far.

bjornbear3179d ago

i think the point here is

when people say "platform" they tend to mean console.

not that PC is any less or more a gaming "platform"

but consoles and PC have a big gap between them in comparisons.

It's silly to come into an argument about console graphics saying "PC is the best"

everyone KNOWS that, thats why they exclude it from the argument

its pointless to bring in PC because, unlike consoles, it can be upgraded from month to month.

still I agree, crysis is easily still the best looking game ever, and hopefully crysis 2 will beat it =D

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