This Saturday 8ct 9et 6pst will be reviewing the Logitech Harmony Remote.

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OutLaw6215d ago

This isn't news it's a site promoting them selves. That has to be the lamest sh!t I ever saw. Post news. If you want to post advertisement put it in a banner somewhere. Not in a place for news.

Islandkiwi6215d ago

The review would be news. Announcing an upcoming review is not news.

shotty6215d ago

Didn't the remote come out at launch. A little late I think but a lot of people still haven't pick up the xbox 360. Here's my summarized review. It's the best remote for the xbox 360, only downside is the price its a little pricy. If you have a home entertament system then this would be nice since it works with literally every electronic device on this planet and those devices are programed via the computer. So if you are in the market for it and want the best then this wouldn't dissapoint.