World of Warcraft: Ingame cinematic reveals the fate of the Lich King

It's here, the video almost every World of Warcraft player was waiting for: The ingame-cinematic that reveals the fate of Lich King Arthas, the arch enemy of the games current expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King. The video shows what happens when players defeat the Lich King raid encounter which is going to be patched into the game on February 2nd.

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Godmars2903207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

A hero literally makes the ultimate sacrifice in the name of good, by becoming evil.

The master of evil anyway.

Probably why WOW will remain the King of MMOs for the immediate future.

kalebgray923206d ago

with updated graphics like starcraft... would be sick

siliticx3206d ago

The Warcraft 3 is finally over. Time for something new, something fresh. Bring it on, elemental lore and deathwing!

Chris3993207d ago

But kinda epic.

I really wish they would just update the character models on this game, the environments are lovely.

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