Mass Effect: The Rise and Fall of the Krogan

Drew Karpyshyn, lead writer on Mass Effect -- and the man responsible for the new Mass Effect prequel novel -- will reveal a new aspect of the Krogan each Wednesday on IGN. Last week we examined the biology of the Krogan. This week IGN gets a history lesson that should add some context to the Krogan's place in the Mass Effect universe.

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SuperSaiyan44141d ago


When is this game going to be released?!! How far are the developers into the testing of this game?!

Its just the one top game I am screaming to get my hands on I hope it doesnt end up like Duke Nukem Forever!!

Cartesian3D4141d ago

everytime I see MASS EFFECT title , some words going into my mouth..


socomnick4141d ago

Hope it comes out soon cant wait for this.

DirtyRat4140d ago

top of my list, this game,and the Krogans sound well cool