How soon will sales of Wii pass the Xbox 360's?

Within a few months, and certainly before Christmas, judging by two separate sources which have been keeping tabs on sales (as opposed to distribution) of the latest generation of consoles since the Xbox 360 came on the scene around Christmas 2005. So far, according to, the Xbox 360 has sold around 11m units, while the Wii has sold 7.7m and the Sony PlayStation 3 (launched at about the same time as the Wii) just 3.3m. The site is running its own real-time estimates of sales: as you watch, the site updates, and with the figure for the Wii ticking over at roughly twice the speed of that for the Xbox, a takeover is obviously close at hand.

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Odion4231d ago

its still possible for them to hold it off with halo 3 and GTA 4

TheXgamerLive4231d ago

Xbox 360 should be at over 17 to 19 millon after the holiday releases mentioned above as well as plenty other awesome hits to come.

MK_Red4231d ago

Unless GTA4, FFXIII, Halo3 and MGS4 come out for PS3/Xbox 360, they cant even think about fighting Wii and by then, Metroid, Mario and SSBB will be out and there will be one hell of a fight between all 3 consoles.

Odion4231d ago

Mario and SSBBM are so not going to come out in September and October

TruthHurts4231d ago

Mario,Metroid,Zelda, and insert one of 3 other title didn`t sell that many you think they`ll solidify the Wii`s spot?

crunkthug4231d ago

wi and xbox
man wii gonna blow xbox awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Eclipticus4231d ago

it wil surpass the 360. but not too soon... it would of gone a lot faster if they didnt drop manhunt. . .

ITR4231d ago

Both Nintendo and Sony nixxed MH2 for the AO rating.

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The story is too old to be commented.