BeefJack: Is Leona Lewis The Key To The Mainstream?

BeefJack writes: "I know that talking about an X-factor (the British version of American Idol for our US readers) created pop sensation in the context of a post about gaming may seem strange, but bare with me on this - for she could well be the key to gaming going fully mainstream. Undeniably, the last five years or so have seen gaming truly hit its stride. We have more great games coming out every month than ever before, even 2009 was a year that, while many saw it as a bit lacklustre, produced some fantastic games and saw reboots of venerable genres."

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Cyrus3653183d ago

It shall be "interesting" to see if this "experiment" works for Square-Enix. If it does, you could see all future final fantasy games have english artist as the main theme.