StarCraft 2 Scans from PC Gamer

Here are high res scans from PC Gamer preview of StarCraft II posted on GameHall.

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Diselage4141d ago

Looking pretty nice, perhaps i'll actually play this starcraft.

MK_Red4141d ago

I still think original was better and this wont reach that greatness. But it will be an RTS masterpiece. Kool screens and art. I still cant thank Blizzard enough for showing lots of gameplay, screens, trailers, art, wallpaper and info in official site instead of going all magazine exclusive like other companies. Blizzard FTW!

ZeroAlarm4141d ago

or does the gameplay of this RTS seem as generic as anything else? I mean, where are the innovations; where's the cover system, where are all those new ideas that a game this big should have? Even the look of some of the units are taken almost directly from the W40K and UT07 series. It looks to be a good RTS but nothing too special. I don't understand why it's being as hyped as WoW.
Just my two cents.

MK_Red4140d ago

You see, it was original StarCraft that set new standards for many RTS games and for years titles like Dawn Of War and Warcraft3 followed it. The sequel seems less much innovative but still its one of the biggest sequels ever and Blizzard's first game after WoW.

id dot entity4140d ago

Starcraft II looks great and I can't wait to get my hands on it.