Slashdot Review: Mass Effect 2

Slashdot writes: "Mass Effect debuted a little over two years ago to almost universal praise, getting high marks for the rich story, endless exploration options, and entertaining gameplay. Despite the game's success, BioWare listened closely to player feedback, promising to revamp the parts of the game that needed improvement while developing the sequel. They didn't hesitate to refine the elements they wanted to keep and do away with the ones they didn't. The result is a familiar, but much more streamlined experience. Rather than being a shooter with a great story added in, Mass Effect 2 a great story that often has you shoot things."

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TheBrit3181d ago

The original game got a 4/5 from slashdot.

When you read this review it's glowing and emphasizes how much better it is over the first one yet they give it a 9/10 which is no different than a 4/5

Odd. I would have thought it would have gotten a 9.x / 10 compared to a 4/5.