The games of summer 2007: Action

While movie goers often look forward to the flood of summer blockbusters, gamers often are forced to deal with a drought of entertainment. Despite this stereotype, PSP does have a flock of impressive titles headed to gamers this summer. So while you spend time at the beach this summer, you may want to bring along your PSP.

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Diselage4138d ago

No love for the PSP, i wonder why i even post news about it any more since no one seems to read it.

MK_Red4137d ago

Thanks for posting. I still love my PSP and its games (Crush FTW!).

Babylonian4137d ago

I'm really looking forward to the PSP. I'm getting one pretty soon (since I own 8 UMDs!), but I'm waiting for the re-designed one to come. Hopefully they will announce something at E3.