TVGB Review: MAG

TVGB writes: "A successful shooter should not only provide a great campaign, but worthwhile multiplayer options too. It's a big risk then, to focus solely on just one mode. Regardless, MAG, an online only FPS has stepped up to the task. It makes up for the lack of a campaign with the number of players on the battlefield. That number, if you didn't know by now, is 256. The real question about MAG though, once you get over its impressive scale, is if bigger is better."

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Redlogic3207d ago

this review speaks to me, only because I used to play the sh!t outa Socom online for the ps2. MAG is meant for me!!

elcompa4253207d ago

I love me some SOCOM...MAG is like the FPS brother of SOCOM, due to the necessity to communicate in order to succeed in the game!!

sikbeta3207d ago

MAG is the son of SOCOM in some way and obviously of Zipper and by that everyone is sure this Game is Awesome