The Agency will be at E3

You read that right The Agency will be making an appearance at E3.... Read on!


I forgot while posting this story. That this game is also coming out for the PC.

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Mr_Kuwabara4232d ago

They hyped this game waaayy to much which I really don't like, (not Sony's fault though) but the game really seems to be pretty interesting and let's just hope for the better on this title.

BitbyDeath4232d ago

not much news there.... but Yay for The Agency!

Sevir044232d ago

INTERMS OF ACTION. but the graphics i was expecting alittle more especially when it's SOE's Second playtation 3 title. no well, i'll be looking at this because i'm not completely convinced yet

TruthHurts4232d ago

this looks great.

if they pull off what there thinking, this will be amazing.

Mr_Kuwabara4232d ago

The graphics aren't breathtaking but like what TruthHurts for a MMO, it looks pretty decent. Warhawk is another game that has pretty good graphics also. SOE seems to be getting better since last generation.

BitbyDeath4232d ago

Remember it's going to PC as well, the size will have to be limited, nobody wants to install a 25gb+ game on there PC.

sumfood4u4232d ago

Hope E3 show's sum luv!

goonerfied4232d ago

not into mmo(prefer real life) but this looks very promising.

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